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Car Accident Lawyer in Baltimore

car accident lawyer in BaltimoreWhen you roll out of your driveway, the last thing on your mind is potentially getting into an accident. Of course, we cannot control how the motorists we share the roads with behave. You could be in for a chaotic day if you encounter an erratic motorist during your morning drive. Contact a Baltimore car accident lawyer immediately if you are ever involved in one of those collisions. In this article, we will highlight why securing the services of a personal injury lawyer is so important.

We will also discuss relevant laws regarding car accidents and insurance. Continuing with the rest of this article, you can also learn more about potential compensation in car accident cases.

Maryland Car Crash Statistics

How prevalent are car accidents in the state of Maryland? Let us take a closer look at the available numbers to find an answer. According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, a total of 108,656 car crashes took place in the state in 2021. That number might have already caught you off guard. However, that is not the only surprising statistic we are highlighting here.

The numbers also reveal that a little over 26.5% of those car crashes led to someone getting injured. Also, 524 people died from car crashes in Baltimore City, Towson, and other parts of Maryland. A little under 74% of the car accidents recorded that year were property damage crashes. We should also mention that the numbers you are seeing are pretty much in line with the trends in Maryland.

From 2017 to 2021, the state averaged 110,745 car accidents annually. People received injuries in 28% of those car crashes. Meanwhile, 71.6% of those accidents led to property damage. The five-year average for fatalities stemming from car collisions is 514. If someone you know passed away following an automobile crash, remember to hire a fatal car accident attorney who can help you handle that situation.

Baltimore City and Baltimore County residents should be extra cautious driving around. Over the last five years, Baltimore County accounted for 18.7% of all the car crashes that occurred in the state. During that same timeframe, 16.3% of Maryland car accidents were in Baltimore City.

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Maryland
Steps to Take Immediately Following a Car Accident
Do I Need an Attorney if I am in a Car Crash?
What Types Of Car Collision Cases Does Leppler Injury Law Handle?
Factors That Affect Settlement Amounts in Car Crash Cases
Understanding Maryland Car Accident Laws and Insurance
How Much Does a Maryland Car Accident Attorney Cost?
Questions to Ask Your Baltimore Auto Accident Lawyer

Top Causes of Car Accidents in Maryland

You never want to be in a position where you need to hire an auto accident lawyer. However, learning more about the top causes of car accidents in Maryland can help you avoid that scenario.

Intoxicated Driving: Intoxicated drivers pose a great danger to everyone on the road. They are unpredictable, negligent, and downright scary to be around. According to data provided by the state of Maryland, we had drunk drivers involved in 6,522 car accidents in 2021. Therefore, intoxicated driving is a major public safety issue that we must prevent.

Distracted Driving: A motorist engages in distracted driving whenever they look at their phone, eat, or perform any other activity that takes their attention away from the road while controlling their vehicle. Distracted driving is also highly dangerous. In 2021, Maryland recorded 50,882 car crashes caused by distracted driving. Hire an auto accident attorney if a distracted driver victimizes you.

Speeding: Speeding is a prime example of reckless driving behavior. This aggressive form of driving led to 7,947 crashes in Maryland through 2021. Contact a car crash attorney if you want to file a lawsuit against the speeding motorist who caused your accident.

Steps to Take Immediately Following a Car Accident in Baltimore

Your car accident lawsuit may hinge on your actions immediately following the crash. Avoid making costly mistakes by following the steps detailed in this article.

Examine Your Current Condition

You must always prioritize your safety in the aftermath of a car crash. First, take a few moments to examine yourself and check if you have any injuries. If other people are in the car with you, this would also be the best time to check on them.

  • Call 911: Whether you are injured or not, you should call 911 and ask them to send paramedics if someone in your vehicle is hurt. You can still request police assistance even if no one received injuries during the accident.
  • Talk to the Other Driver: Assuming you feel well enough to move, you should approach the other driver and exchange information with them. Maryland drivers must exchange names, addresses, driver’s license numbers, vehicle ownership details, and insurance information. The other driver is violating the law if they withhold those details from you.
  • Gather Evidence: Next, you need to focus on gathering evidence. Take pictures of the accident site and the vehicles involved. If there are any witnesses present, you should also talk to them and ask for statements.
  • Speak to the Police: The police officers should now be at the scene. Speak to them and share the evidence you have so they can properly investigate the accident.
  • Visit a Doctor: If you were in a car crash, go to the doctor as soon as possible. Let the doctor examine you so they can determine if you have sustained any injuries.
  • File a Claim with Your Insurer: Filing a claim with your insurer is a must following a car accident. Share the other driver’s information but do not mention how the accident unfolded or who may be at fault. Discussing those details at this juncture could complicate your case.
  • Hire a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer: Lastly, you should hire an auto accident lawyer if you do not have one already. Their assistance will be vital as you move forward with your case. In addition, you will need a fatal car accident attorney if your loved one passes away from a tragic collision.

Do I Need an Attorney if I am in a Car Crash in Baltimore?

car wreck attorneyWhy is hiring an auto accident lawyer so important if you were recently involved in an auto accident? To put it simply, the services they provide are invaluable during this time. In the period right after the accident, you can expect to receive calls from insurers and lawyers. Dealing with them while you are injured can be a nightmare. If you would like to spare yourself from that ordeal, you should hire an attorney who can handle those conversations.

Your car wreck attorney can also use evidence to demonstrate that you bear no blame for what happened. That is critical because bearing even 1% of the blame for an accident can make it difficult for you to recover damages. Lawyers can also help get cases moving faster. For example, if you need more time to recover, your attorney can take care of the legal filings in the meantime.

What Types Of Car Collision Cases Does Leppler Injury Law Handle?

Some of the types of auto accident and collision cases car accident lawyer and hit and run lawyer John Leppler handles include: wrong way accidents, rear end accidents, highway accidents, parking lot accidents, hit and run accidents, broadside accidents, t-bone accidents, head-on collisions, distracted driving accidents, texting and driving accidents and fatal car accidents.

Factors That Affect Settlement Amounts in Car Crash Cases

What kind of settlement offer can you expect to receive in your car accident case? The factors detailed below will help determine that.

The Losses You Sustained: The settlement offer you receive should account for the losses you sustained. If you sustained a concussion from the accident, the settlement should make it easy for you to treat that injury. In cases where victims suffered serious injuries, the average settlement is around $20,000.

The extent of your losses may also be property damage. In that scenario, you can expect a settlement offer of around $4,500.

The Defendant’s Assets The defendant in your case may not have plenty of money. If so, your settlement may max out at their insurance limit. That could be an issue if you sustained significant losses.

The Defendant’s Attitude Some defendants may be against settling because they firmly believe they did nothing wrong. A defendant like that may not be one for negotiations. Therefore, you should not expect to get a settlement offer from them.

Understanding Maryland Car Accident Laws and Insurance

If you are planning to proceed with a car accident lawsuit in Maryland, there are two important laws to keep in mind. The first one is the law of contributory negligence. We already touched on this earlier, but the courts can bar a plaintiff from recovering damages if they bear even one% of the blame for the accident.

You and your attorney must successfully show that you are completely innocent if you wish to win the case. Maryland residents should also know about the statute of limitations for car accident cases. You have three years to file a lawsuit if you were involved in a car accident. After that, the countdown starts from the day you were injured.

We also want to mention the insurance requirements for all Maryland car owners. The state of Maryland requires all drivers to have a policy that provides $30,000 for bodily injury, $60,000 in coverage for two or more people, and $15,000 for property damage. Make sure you get your insurance policy in order before you start driving around town so you can avoid potential penalties.

How Much Does a Maryland Car Accident Attorney Cost?

People often point to cost when answering why they opted against seeking legal representation. That is unfortunate because many fatal car accident attorneys make their services as accessible as possible. Lawyers will often only charge their clients if they reach a settlement or are awarded damages in a case. Most lawyers typically charge a fee representing about 33 to 40% of the final payout. The final percentage will vary based on whether you settled your lawsuit or went to trial.

If your lawyer decides not to proceed with the lawsuit because the evidence suggests you will lose, they will drop the case. Even if that happens, they will not charge you anything. You do not need to worry about being buried under a mountain of debt because you hired an auto accident lawyer.

Questions to Ask Your Baltimore Auto Accident Lawyer

We have established throughout this article that the services provided by lawyers are critical in car accident cases. You will need their help if you want to win your case. But how can you identify the right legal expert to hire? Asking some key questions could give you some valuable insight.

How Much Will You Charge?

In the previous section, we discussed the average cost of hiring a car accident attorney. You can use those numbers to determine if the attorneys you are interviewing are offering you a fair deal. It will not take you long to find attorneys who offer reasonable rates.

Are You Regularly Available to Discuss the Case?

You can understand if some lawyers are busy, but you still deserve their time and attention if you are paying them. During your interview, ask the candidate about their ability to maintain an open line of communication. Do not settle for lawyers who feel like they can get away with speaking with you only when it is convenient for them.

Are You Willing to Go to Trial?

The majority of car accident lawsuits become settled before they get to court. That is fine if you are getting a good settlement offer from the defendant. However, settling for the sake of avoiding a trial is a no-no. You should ask your candidates if they are willing to go to trial. Focus on the candidates who are confident even if the case goes to trial because they will not settle for any bad offers.

What Do You Need Me to Do?

Finally, it would be best to ask your lawyer candidates about what they will need from you. It is important to clarify things so you can set your expectations properly as the case progresses.

Baltimore Auto Accident Attorney

Going through the aftermath of a car accident is incredibly difficult. During that time, you should lean on your lawyer for assistance. Reach out to us at Leppler Injury Law if you wish to proceed with a car accident lawsuit. We will get you the compensation you need in a timely manner so you can put this unpleasant ordeal behind you.

Some of the locations our car wreck lawyer serves around Baltimore, Maryland include: Towson, Rosedale, Dundalk, Cockeysville, Lutherville-Timonium, Lochearn, Overlea, Parkville, Essex, Glen Burnie, Ferndale, Pikesville, Carney, Catonsville, Randallstown, Reisterstown, Perry Hall, Hampton, White Marsh, and more.

If you need a Lyft accident lawyer, Uber accident lawyer, truck accident lawyer, motorcycle accident lawyer, Baltimore bicycle accident lawyer, negligent security lawyer, wrongful death lawyer, or Baltimore premises liability lawyer, please feel free to reach out to us at Leppler Injury Law if you need legal assistance.

As a top local Baltimore personal injury lawyer, John has plenty of experience when it comes to handling these cases, and he is ready to help you out.