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Dangerous Car Accidents on I-95 and 695 in Maryland

Interstate 95 is one of the most commonly used roadways for Maryland residents and motorists passing by the state. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I-95 is also the site for many car crashes and truck accidents.

Exercising heightened caution is always a must whenever you are on I-95, as it features some unusual interchanges heading northeast and often remains crowded while passing through Baltimore. In recent years, even auxiliary highways connected to I-95, like Interstate 695, have become more dangerous for motorists in Harford County and Baltimore County, including in and around Parkville, White Marsh, and Rossville.

Why Is There So Much Traffic on I-95?

Maryland residents know all about I-95’s congestion issues. Truthfully, the high traffic volume on I-95 is not an issue known only to the state’s residents.

Commuter traffic is particularly bad on I-95. The lanes heading into and out of Baltimore are almost always full of commuters. According to the Maryland Transportation Authority, commuter traffic gets especially bad from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m. and around 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Although commuters contribute significantly to the bad traffic on I-95, they certainly do not cause all of it. Unfortunately, I-95 is also a major roadway for the trucking industry.

Trucks frequent I-95 and other major Maryland roads to access the Port of Baltimore. As a result, plenty of goods routinely move through that port, and Maryland is not the only state that depends on it. Per the Maryland government, the Port of Baltimore supports 15,330 jobs directly, and an additional 139,180 jobs are related to it.

Considering Baltimore’s status as a major metropolis and the Port of Baltimore being a busy hub for commerce, it is not hard to figure out why the I-95 is so congested.

Car Accidents on I-95 and Their Causes

Car crashes are happening at an alarming rate on I-95 and auxiliary highways such as I-695. Unfortunately, many motorists have also paid the ultimate price for their involvement in those accidents.

Why are those crashes happening so frequently on I-95? The common causes of those crashes are detailed below.

Aggressive Driving

One of the leading causes of car crashes on I-95 is aggressive driving. The American Automobile Association defines aggressive driving as any form of unsafe driving behavior that people engage in intentionally or without regard for the safety of others.

Aggressive driving can manifest itself in various ways.

Some drivers who are angry at their fellow motorists may start to move aggressively. For example, they may cut other drivers off while weaving in and out of lanes. While doing so, they may even momentarily stop in front of another driver to provoke or lure them into a crash.

Tailgating is another common example of aggressive driving. This dangerous driving act features one motorist following another closely from behind. The driver in front may feel pressure from the motorist on their tail and end up in an accident. Both drivers may also crash if the driver in front comes to an abrupt stop.

Drivers are also being overly aggressive whenever they go over the speed limit. You may want to push past the speed limit whenever you see an open stretch of road on I-95, but you must resist that urge. Speeding on that busy road can only lead to trouble.

You also exhibit aggressive driving behavior if you ignore traffic lights and signs. Therefore, always follow those traffic lights and signs to stay safe on I-95 and other Maryland roadways.

Aggressive drivers must be held accountable for their reckless actions. Enlist the aid of a Baltimore car accident lawyer if you want to take legal action against the aggressive driver responsible for your crash.

Distracted Driving

No matter how used you are to driving, it is still an activity that requires your undivided attention. Fail to devote that type of attention to driving, and you could be in a dangerous situation.

Do not underestimate the danger posed by distracted drivers. Unfortunately, it can also cause fatal crashes.

According to the CDC, the three main types of driver distractions are visual, manual, and cognitive.

A visual distraction could be something like a billboard on the side of the road or your phone lighting up with a text message. Manual distractions may include food and drinks. This distraction commonly endangers those who eat breakfast during their morning commutes.

Cognitive distractions include anything that could take your mind away from the road. For example, texting qualifies as a cognitive distraction. Stress is another cognitive distraction we need to recognize. If you cannot concentrate due to stress, consider taking a cab, booking a ride, or asking a friend or family member to drive you.

Impaired Driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is one of the most dangerous things you could ever do. With your senses dulled by the intoxicating substances you recently consumed, you cannot take control of a fast-moving hunk of metal.

Impaired driving is even more irresponsible in this day and age because there are numerous alternatives available. Even if you are in a part of Parkville or White Marsh that does not get a lot of taxis, you can still open your phone and book a ride via your preferred app.

Too many people have died from impaired driving. Do not contribute to that total by being responsible with your choices.

Poor Driving Conditions

Lastly, we also want to highlight the fact that poor driving conditions are common causes of car accidents on I-95 and auxiliary highways like I-695.

Rain and snow are hazards worth highlighting for Maryland motorists. When you are trying to move around the trucks on I-95, the last thing you want is a slick road that struggles to keep you stable. One wrong move could send you crashing into a truck nearby.

Lower your speed when the roads are slick from rain or snow. However, adding a few minutes to your commute is still preferable to an accident.

Baltimore Car Accident Attorney

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