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After an injury, one thing is certain: you will need medical care. But only uncertainties follow during your recovery. How will you pay for your surgeries, consults, and doctor’s visits? What if you need ongoing supervision and medical care?

What if you can’t work anymore or need to make modifications to your home to accommodate your recovery? John Leppler’s injury law firm turns all of these uncertainties into a plan—a plan that supports your recovery and holds negligent people and companies accountable for the actions that led to your injuries.


Testimonials A


After a good time searching for the right lawyer to handle my wife's accident case we settled on Attorney Leppler. He was so thorough and diligent in fighting the big insurance companies that they 100% caved after initially denying us without Attorney Leppler on our side. From the way he talks and updates us periodically to looping us in on his attack strategy you can definitely tell he is totally on our side fighting for us. Really the positive Google reviews about him are not hype, Attorney Leppler is the real deal.

- Olufemi A.

Attorney Leppler was really helpful from the very moment I contacted him. He took his time to hear all my fears and complaints that I had and he was able to walk me through the entire process and how long the process may likely take. He was very patient with me by taking this time to answer my numerous questions and explaining them in a very comprehensive manner. He regularly called me to give me updates on the case and what to expect in regards to some of the actions he was taking, an act I was really really appreciative for. You could see from the way that he handled my case that he was truly interested in helping me get a good resolution. I can confidently say that choosing Attorney Leppler was a very good decision. Trust me he will fight for you vigorously.

- Adedoyin A.

Mr. Leppler and his legal assistant Barbara were professional, prompt, and friendly. 12/10. Barbara even helped to fill out HIPPA forms after the accident. Mr. Leppler was on top of every part of the case. Thank you again the both of you!

- Ching L.

After being in an accident in February, I thought having to deal with a lawyer after the fact would be stressful. But working with Mr. John was far from that. He made me and my family feel comfortable throughout the process. He and his team (including Ms. Barbara) were extremely nice, communicative, and reliable. With this being my first time having to rely on a lawyer, I'm grateful that this was the experience I had with one. Thank you to Mr. John and his injury law firm, 100% recommend!

- Elizabeth E.

Honest & Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Meet John Leppler, Esq.,

Originally from New Jersey, John attended the University of Baltimore School of Law and fell in love with the community. As a life-long sports fanatic, it’s no surprise that he is always rooting for the underdog.

The legal system isn’t fair to everyone, and it is John’s mission to level the playing field. His personal injury law firm takes on insurance companies and negligent parties to ensure his Baltimore neighbors have the necessary compensation to get their life back on track after a catastrophic injury.

Work Directly with
Attorney John Leppler

Baltimore Injury Lawyer, John Leppler, works with every client on every case.

24/7 Availability

Sometimes you have questions after hours, and accidents don’t always happen between nine and five. Our personal injury law firm is here when you need us 24/7.

98% Success Rate

Some will say that a trial lawyer is measured only on results. We disagree. We have results, but we also have personality. Working with us is comfortable and easy.

No Fees or Costs

We don’t collect payment or a credit card to start working on your case. You pay us zero unless we recover money on your behalf.

Free Consultation
(Really, 100% Free)

There is no fee ever to call and chat. Let us explain your rights and determine if you have a potential personal injury case.

Fast Answers
& Quick Information

Your injury is likely impacting your life in a significant way. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times and will respond to your needs on the same business day.

Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney

If you were recently involved in an accident, you can expect that many people in your life will tell you to hire a personal injury lawyer. So, is that something you should do? Should you hire an attorney, or should you try navigating the aftermath of your injury case without an experienced attorney? The choice is ultimately yours to make, but we want to help you reach an informed decision.

Take this opportunity to learn more about the benefits of hiring a lawyer. Once you have understood the services that an attorney can provide, you can decide if making a call to a Maryland personal injury law firm is something you will need to do. Without further ado, let’s start talking more about the services that Leppler Injury Law can provide.

Evaluate the Merits of Your Case

A Maryland injury attorney is not going to accept your case on a whim. Before we agree to lend our expertise, we will first evaluate your case to see if it is worth pursuing. If we believe your case has merit and is winnable, we will accept it.

While going through that process may take some time, it does provide genuine value. By allowing John Leppler to examine your case, he will help you understand how strong your case truly is. That should give you more information and sound legal advice to consider as you decide how to proceed.

Collect Evidence

As soon as we accept your case, you can expect Leppler Injury Law to fully commit to it. We will do whatever we can to ensure that your case is as strong as possible. If you need more evidence to bolster your case, you can trust that Attorney Leppler will get a hold of whatever is needed.

John will talk to the police and available witnesses. He will visit the scene of the accident in search of evidence. In car accident cases, he will also look for and request video footage captured by CCTV city cameras or local business security cameras. These videos may reveal some notable details.

Handle Conversations with the Other Party

If another party was responsible for causing the accident you were involved in, it will only be a matter of time before their legal representative reaches out to you. They will likely be calling in the hopes that you will mistakenly say something that clears their client. They may also settle for something that effectively allows them to shift some blame onto you.

Your case could completely flip if you admit some blame for the accident since Maryland follows the rule of contributory negligence. It is possible that you could miss out on compensation entirely because of something you said. The other side may also contact you in the hopes of reaching a settlement. John will hear them out on your behalf, and you can decide what to do from there.

Let Baltimore accident attorney John Leppler handle the conversations with the other party so you have no opportunity to say something wrong.

Accurately Calculate the Damages in Your Case

When you put forth a lawsuit against someone, you should construct it properly. Your claims should be verifiable, and even the compensation you are asking for should be on point. If there are questionable details included in your lawsuit, that may weaken it in the eyes of the court.

Of course, you probably do not know how to calculate damages if this is the first time you are filing a lawsuit. You may be able to tally your medical and repair bills but remember that your compensation package should also account for the wide array of general damages that fall under the category of pain and suffering.

Working out how much to ask for in terms of general damages can be difficult. Entrust that job to your personal injury lawyer because they already know how to do it.

File the Personal Injury Lawsuit on Time

Recovering from an accident can take a lot of time. If you suffered broken bones or brain injuries, you may need to stay in the hospital or have home care for months. You should take as much time as you need to recover. However, you also cannot forget about your lawsuit because there’s a deadline you cannot exceed.

In the state of Maryland, the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is three years from the day the incident occurred. That seems like a lot of time, but it can go by quickly. Hire a personal injury attorney so they can handle the filing of the lawsuit. We will handle that job, so you will not need to worry about missing your deadline.

Negotiate a Settlement

Personal injury attorney John Leppler is also well-versed in the art of negotiations with insurance companies. He will use his expertise to try and negotiate a fair settlement offer in line with the damages you suffered. If the other party does not agree to the settlement amount, John will be ready to take the case to court. He will do his best to ensure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

Offer Legal Representation in Court

If negotiations do break down, John Leppler is not afraid to take your case to court and go to trial. As long as you have an expert lawyer and the facts on your side, there is no need for you to stress out about the outcome of the case. Going to court may allow you to receive even more compensation.

Question Biased Witnesses

In a last-ditch effort to tilt the case in their favor, the other side may decide to bring in some biased witnesses. They may introduce them as independent medical examiners or experts, but that may not be the case. If the other side is paying for their services, those professionals are unlikely to provide wholly truthful statements.

John will sniff out the bogus claims that those so-called impartial experts are making. By the end of the questioning, he will effectively cast doubt on the credibility of those witnesses, and their testimony may not make a difference in the outcome of the case.

Provide Support

One more thing that Attorney Leppler will provide is support. Going through a personal injury claim can be extremely stressful. Thankfully, John will be right there to offer some much-needed support throughout the case. You’ll also be happy to know that John Leppler works on a contingency basis, meaning that there are no up-front costs or fees. He will only get paid if he recovers a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Do you need a reliable personal injury law attorney to work on your case? Contact our Baltimore law firm today and we will be glad to lend our expertise. We will provide all the services that you will need so you can successfully make it through your challenging legal ordeal.


When you hire a Baltimore injury lawyer you trust that your legal matter will be treated with the highest priority and result in a positive outcome. That’s our law firm's #1 goal, we give you our word.


We Fight To Win

It’s your life and your livelihood on the line. We do everything in our power to ensure your case is successful.


We Stay Ahead Of The Game

We know the way insurance companies think and are always ten steps ahead, anticipating their next move so we can use it to our advantage.


Relentless Preparation with an Aggressive Stance

We never back down from a tough case or a complicated legal matter. 


We Play hardball

We thrive in the courtroom and are not afraid to take your matter to trial in front of a judge if that’s what’s needed for maximum results.