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After an injury, one thing is certain: you will need medical care. But only uncertainties follow during your recovery. How will you pay for your surgeries, consults, and doctor’s visits? What if you need ongoing supervision and medical care? What if you can’t work anymore or need to make modifications to your home to accommodate your recovery? Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer John J. Leppler turns all of these uncertainties into a plan—a plan that supports your recovery and holds negligent people and companies accountable for the actions that led to your injuries.


Testimonials A


From the time I contacted John for help with my case after being discouraged by other professionals, he got to work immediately. He assured me he would fight for me and did exactly that and very speedily. I appreciate that he was communicative and courteous throughout and most of all he got results. Thank you John.

- David D.

John handled my case better than my previous lawyer. He was responsive, had great communication and broke down the complicated lawyer terms for me. He’s my lawyer now, highly recommend!

- Shartoya B.

John was a pit bull....Called me or text me every time he made a new development in the case. He hunted the woman down who was responsible and made sure All-State contacted me directly. John also got me more money than I paid for my car the maximum amount for my injuries and pain & suffering.

- Brandon C.

It took about a month for everything to be settled. Which is ALOT quicker than previous experience with lawyers. From the beginning, he was very professional and communication was transparent. Definitely handled my case effectively.

- Kianna W.

Honest & Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Meet John Leppler, Esq.,

Originally from New Jersey, John attended the University of Baltimore School of Law and fell in love with the community. As a life-long sports fanatic, it’s no surprise that he is always rooting for the underdog.

The legal system isn’t fair to everyone, and it is John’s mission to level the playing field. He takes on insurance companies and negligent parties to ensure his Baltimore neighbors have the necessary compensation to get their life back on track after a catastrophic injury.

Work Directly with
Attorney John Leppler

Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer, John Leppler, works with every client on every case.

24/7 Availability

Sometimes you have questions after hours, and accidents don’t always happen between nine and five. We’re here when you need us 24/7.

98% Success Rate

Some will say that a trial lawyer is measured only on results. We disagree. We have results, but we also have personality. Working with us is comfortable and easy.

No Fees or Costs

We don’t collect payment or a credit card to start working on your case. You pay us zero unless we recover money on your behalf.

Free Consultation
(Really, 100% Free)

There is no fee ever to call and chat. Let us explain your rights and determine if you have a potential personal injury case.

Fast Answers
& Quick Information

Your injury is likely impacting your life in a significant way. We pride ourselves on fast turnaround times and will respond to your needs on the same business day.


When you hire a Baltimore personal injury lawyer you trust that your legal matter will be treated with the highest priority and result in a positive outcome. That’s our #1 goal, we give you our word.


We Fight To Win

It’s your life and your livelihood on the line. We do everything in our power to ensure your case is successful.


We Stay Ahead Of The Game

We know the way insurance companies think and are always ten steps ahead, anticipating their next move so we can use it to our advantage.


Relentless Preparation with an Aggressive Stance

We never back down from a tough case or a complicated legal matter. 


We Play hardball

We thrive in the courtroom and are not afraid to take your matter to trial in front of a judge if that’s what’s needed for maximum results.