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Pikesville Personal Injury Attorney

personal injury lawyer in pikesville After getting injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence in Pikesville, Maryland, you may believe that you are entitled to some form of compensation. That could be the case, but you should still hire a Pikesville personal injury lawyer before you pursue it.

Without the services of a personal injury law firm, you will have a harder time proving the legitimacy of your claims. Technicalities could also derail your efforts to a claim if you take matters into your own hands. Securing compensation following an accident will not be easy, but an experienced injury attorney can maximize your odds of success.

How Do I Know if I Have a Personal Injury Case in Pikesville, Maryland?

To understand why personal injury cases can become so complicated, let’s first take a moment to define that legal term. You might have assumed that personal injury cases only cover those instances where one of the parties involved became physically hurt. However, while they cover physical injuries in personal injury cases, they also go beyond that.

According to the Legal Information Institute, a personal injury is any type of injury that may adversely affect a person’s body, emotional state, or reputation. Therefore, you may be eligible to file a personal injury claim in Pikesville, Maryland, without knowing it. There are also certain elements that must be present in personal injury cases. We discuss them in greater detail below.

The Duty of Care – First, there must be a duty of care owed to the plaintiff. Basically, the defendant should have been responsible for the plaintiff’s well-being in some way. If you are driving in Pikesville, Maryland, you must control your vehicle responsibly; the same goes for other drivers. That is your duty of care.

The Breach of Duty – The next element is the breach of duty. This happens when you fail to meet your obligation. Continuing with our driving example, someone may accuse you of breaching your duty if you got behind the wheel while intoxicated. At that point, you had already ignored your duty of care.

The Connection between the Breach and the Plaintiff’s Injuries – A personal injury claim must also clearly establish the connection between the duty of care and the plaintiff’s injuries. Going back to our example, you must prove that the defendant’s decision to drive while intoxicated is why you are injured. Use evidence gathered at the scene of the accident and your medical records to establish that connection.

Once you establish the connection, it will be difficult for the defendant to deny your claim. Establish that connection with the help of your accident lawyer.

Pikesville Attorney Protecting Your Rights

Personal injury cases can be on three different grounds. They may be made based on intentional actions, strict liability, and negligence. Most of the time, they are on negligence, which is also the basis we will focus on here. Negligence can manifest itself in different ways. In some cases, a defendant may be deemed negligent for something they did. For example, if a person injures another motorist because they were driving drunk, that is an example of negligence.

Someone may also be considered negligent for failing to perform a specific task. For example, as the owner of a commercial establishment, you must keep the premises safe for your customers. If an accident occurs because you failed to keep the establishment reasonably safe, you can expect to receive a lawsuit.

Although negligence is often cited in personal injury cases, proving its presence remains challenging. Hire an experienced accident attorney like John Leppler so he can prove that you are making a valid claim based on the grounds of negligence.

Maryland Personal Injury Statute of Limitations

Hiring an injury lawyer is recommended not only because they can help prove the legitimacy of your claim but because there is a time limit set on filing personal injury lawsuits. Under Maryland statute §5–101 a plaintiff is given three years from the accident date to file a lawsuit. We know that three years seems like a long time, but it can pass by quickly if you are recovering from a bad injury. Therefore, you and your lawyer in Pikesville should work on getting the lawsuit in order as soon as possible to ensure that you do not brush up against that deadline.

Notably, the court may grant the plaintiff an extension in some cases. If the defendant took actions to conceal their role in the accident, the court may not count the days when the plaintiff was unaware that they were being deceived. They may have more time to file the lawsuit because of that.

The statute of limitations may also be put on hold in situations where the plaintiff is under eighteen years of age or declared mentally incompetent. In that scenario, the timer may not start until the would-be plaintiff is either declared competent or reaches legal age.

Common Injury Case Types in Pikesville, Maryland

>Leppler Injury Law has extensive experience handling all kinds of personal injury cases. Feel free to approach us for assistance if you wish to pursue any of the claims detailed below.

Car Accidents

Because Maryland is an at-fault state for car accident cases, you will likely need to file a lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash if you wish to recoup compensation. File a lawsuit and either take the matter to court or negotiate a settlement with the driver who caused your accident.

Working closely with a Pikesville car accident lawyer is essential if you intend to sue the other driver following your accident. Otherwise, the opposing party may succeed in using contributory negligence to avoid their responsibility. Remember that you could lose your right to compensation due to contributory negligence if you bear even 1% of the blame for an accident. Your experienced attorney can prevent that from happening, as well as assist in collecting evidence and analyze data from the accident report put together by the Pikesville police department.

Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle does not make you more likely to experience an accident. Instead, many of these accidents are due to negligent drivers who act more recklessly around motorcycle riders. You have an equal right to the road as anyone riding a car. However, if you believe that someone’s negligent actions caused your motorcycle accident, you should take legal action against them.

Truck Crashes

Truck Accidents are terrifying. Statistics have also shown that most of the people who die in truck crashes are occupants of other vehicles, so it is only right for you to be cautious around those enormous vehicles. If you somehow manage to survive a close encounter with an out-of-control truck, you should contact your personal injury lawyer immediately. Ask them to work on the case as soon as possible so none of the parties involved can conceal pieces of important evidence.

Bicycle Accidents

Cycling is a good pastime for Pikesville residents. Riding around town on your bicycle is especially pleasant during the springtime. Remember to exercise caution while riding your bike. Try to avoid damaged roads found throughout the town. You should also map out routes that do not require you to use high-traffic roadways. Taking those extra precautions before heading out can help you avoid bicycle accidents.

Bus Accidents

Were you involved in an accident with one of the public buses serving Pikesville? MTA buses #53 and #59 run frequently along Reisterstown Road and to and from the Old Court Metro Station and the Reisterstown Plaza Metro Station. Chances of getting in an accident are not entirely unlikely. If so, you will likely secure compensation from either the bus driver or their employer. bus accident cases can become especially complicated if public entities are involved. Let your personal injury attorney sort through that matter while you focus on your recovery.

Pedestrian Accidents

Right of way laws typically determines who is at fault in a pedestrian accident. A pedestrian typically has the right of way if they are using a marked crosswalk or obeying traffic signals. You are likely entitled to compensation if a motorist hits you while legally crossing the road.

Negligent Security

The owner of a commercial establishment must keep their patrons safe. Any establishment owner who fails to provide adequate security may receive a negligent security claim. Negligent security could come in the form of inadequate security personnel. You can also make a claim if an establishment’s parking lot has poor lighting.

Wrongful or Accidental Deaths

The surviving family members of an individual killed in an accident can take civil action to recoup compensation via a wrongful death claim. Maryland law allows the decedent’s spouse, children, or parents to pursue this type of lawsuit. However, if none of those beneficiaries are still around, anyone dependent on the decedent and related to them by blood or marriage can file for wrongful death.

Premises Liability

Before you invite someone into your home or business, you must ensure that your establishment is safe. Otherwise, your visitor may serve you with a premises liability lawsuit if they suffer an accident. Slip and fall accidents, dog attacks, and electrocution are all examples of premises liability cases. Maintain your property diligently to avoid any lawsuits.

What Is a Good Settlement Offer?

Negotiating a settlement instead of going through trial can benefit both the plaintiff and the defendant in a personal injury case. For the plaintiff, negotiating a settlement allows them to receive their compensation sooner. As for the defendant, settling allows them to keep the case’s outcome out of the public eye.

After consulting with your lawyer in Pikesville, you may have decided to settle your case. There is nothing wrong with that decision, but you must make it clear that you will only accept a fair offer. At a minimum, the settlement you receive as the plaintiff should cover your medical expenses, repair bills, and your legal fees. The settlement should also account for your lost wages. Make sure it pays for the work you have already missed and additional days you may need to sit out because you are recovering.

You cannot expect the defendant to acquiesce to all of your demands, but they should at least cover the things we mentioned. Any settlement offer that fails to cover those expenses is not worth accepting.

How Much Does an Injury Attorney in Pikesville Cost?

Following your accident, you may hesitate to hire a personal injury lawyer in Pikesville, Maryland, due to cost concerns. You may be worried that you cannot afford a good lawyer. It is important to note here that most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means they will only seek payment if they can recover damages on your behalf. Therefore, their fee will be a percentage of the damages awarded to you.

The exact percentage will vary based on the services that your lawyer has to render. However, note that the percentage is negotiable, so try to work out an agreement that makes sense for both of you.

Serving Pikesville, MD

The quiet suburban town of Pikesville, Maryland, is a locale ideally suited for raising a family. Pikesville features a tight-knit community that welcomes new residents with open arms. Not long after moving to town, you will likely find yourself running and cycling with the long-time residents.

Pikesville is also home to an array of well-regarded schools. Whether you are looking to send your children to a public or a private school, there are great educational institutions for you to choose from. Finding expert legal assistance is also not an issue if you are a Pikesville resident. There are reputable experts serving the area who can offer their assistance if you need it.

Maryland Personal Injury Law Firm

Entrust the handling of your personal injury case to an expert in the field. Reach out to us at Leppler Injury Law, and we will do everything in our power to secure the compensation award that is appropriate for your situation. Do not hesitate to get in touch if you need the services of a personal injury attorney in Pikesville, MD!

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