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Car Accident Injury Case Testimonial

Serious Car Accident Injury Testimonial

Car Accident Injury Testimonial

Zip Line Accident Testimonial

Car Accident Testimonial

Lyft Passenger Injury Case Testimonial

Lyft Passenger Injury Testimonial

Hit and Run Accident Testimonial

Rear-End Collision Injury Testimonial

Car Accident | Baltimore

He was the best lawyer he was dedicated and genuinely wanted me to win and I did! Also he was straight to the point professional and kind I would recommend him to anyone.

- Sydney J.

Car Accident | Baltimore

John was incredible to work with. He was constantly keeping us up to date with new details, worked hard to get information from doctors offices, and was great on advising us throughout the process. Everything was quick and easy with John. Very impressed with his communication and definitely recommend working with him.

- M

Car Accident | Baltimore

- Savannah G.

Car Accident |

John did a great job preparing for and shepherding me through the lawsuit, eventually earning a judgment in my favor! Thanks!

- Mike D.

Passenger Injury | Baltimore

John really fights for his clients 100% it's all about what he can do to help you and get justice and he works fast. I have never seen an attorney that fights for you and gets justice for you and gets you paid as soon as he possibly can and he also cares about his clients like they are apart of his family. He will not settle for nothing but the best for you. Thank you Mr. John I appreciate everything that you done for my son. I will be recommending you to everyone that I know that need an attorney you are a awesome person and attorney thank you so much again.

- Lori C.

Criminal Trial / Negligent Security | Ocean City

John Leppler is an amazing lawyer that is helping me along with 2 different cases right now and i wouldnt have anyone else represent me in a civil or criminal matter. He is very responsive and beyond professional and will work hard and fast to get a result and doesn't beat around the bush. 10/10

- Justin W.

T-Bone Car Accident | Baltimore

Mr. John Leppler was very nice, he and his staff worked really hard to get the settlement I deserved. I am very pleased . Thank you again, highly recommend . I am thankful for my closing results.

- Key K.

Car Accident | Baltimore

...Just when you're done with lawyers, you chat with someone like Mr. John J. Leppler. I was amazed that his dollar wasn't the bottom line, mine was!, he wanted me to have what "I" needed. A Man of integrity.

- L. Robinson

Rear-End Collision | Baltimore

Mr. Leppler was very attentive to our needs and our case. He called often with updates, always with a positive attitude. We are especially grateful with the results of our case. We highly recommend him.

- Donna V.

Hit and Run | Baltimore

Omg I really don’t know where to start, I guess I’ll start off by saying thanks again John for your hard work and dedication towards my case because I know it wasn’t an easy ride. I really was honored by the time he took to get my case settled. I highly recommend John J. Leppler for anyone who needs a great attorney and want to win their case.

- Tamaira E.

Side Swipe Car Accident | Baltimore

Great results in my case from nothing to a bigger something. Very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to talk with.He is Not like most lawyers that over talk their clients and assume everything on their own he’s very professional. I would refer any and everyone John. If I had an issue related to an accident agin hopefully not I know who to reach out to.

- Brandon L.

Side Swipe Car Accident | Baltimore

I met Mr. Leppler through a friend. I didnt know what to expect even thou I trusted my friend. Mr. Leppler had my case only a couple of weeks. I was informed that an offer had been made on my case. I was excited about this considering the other attorney had my case for almost 2 years and Mr. Leppler only had it for a couple of weeks. If you want an attorney that is honest, responsive and wants the best for his client, then this is the attorney for you. Please give him a call. He is so good. He even called me on weekends. How many of you can say that about your attorney?

- Veronica B.

Car Accident | Baltimore

Mr. Leppler came to me and my family in a time of need. Been dealing with a case for well 3 going on 4 years. Things happen and was in need of new representation. Luckily Mr. Leppler and his firm was recommended to me from a friend of the family. After listening to what I had going on Mr. Leppler went to work before I could even say your hired. With in the short time I have had with him, he has done more for us than past representation. It has been nothing but a pleasure working with him and his firm. I highly and I mean highly recommend Mr. Leppler and his firm and anyone in need of help!

- Randy S.

Wrongful Death | Baltimore

“I lost my brother in 2016 due to a wrongful death. Words cannot describe how relieved I was to have this guy representing me. He answered all my questions with compassion and understanding and yes he did get the answers I was not able to obtain. If you are ever in need of compassion, caring, understanding and honest attorney John Leppler is your guy. He understands and cares.”

- Dwight N.

Rear-End Car Accident | Baltimore

Was very professional he was something like a guardian angel took a lot of stress off of me always stayed in contact I would most definitely recommend him.

- Tosha M.

Personal Injury | Baltimore

“John is an exceptional lawyer. Very knowledgeable in his field. He helped me obtain the maximum settlement when my insurance company refused to pay my medical bills. Highly recommended”.

- Aaron K.

Moped Accident | Baltimore

“John represented my grandson in a devastating motor vehicle accident case. John was steadfast, up front and handled my grandson’s case very well. He is very competent, and I highly recommend John to any person who needs an auto accident personal injury lawyer”.

- Carolyn G.

Personal Injury | Baltimore

“John took my case with very little information about it. When I had a question for John, he answered it quickly. When there was an update on my case, John gave me the update. John was very compassionate and understanding about how I was feeling throughout the whole process. When we had a court hearing, John steamrolled the Defendant’s State of Maryland’s attorney and won. I highly recommend John to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney.”

- Patricia S.

Personal Injury | Baltimore

“John went above and beyond representing me and my family. He is the only lawyer I have ever met an attorney who genuinely took his work to heart. He works to right wrongs. If you have a case that requires a genuine and hardworking attorney, John Leppler is your guy. Not only does he care about his work, but he is thoroughly skilled in his practice of the law.”

- Karen T.

Slip and Fall | Baltimore

“My case was stalled for a long time. John came on to my case and moved fast and got the job done. Shout out to John. I highly recommend John.”

- Tyrell S.

T-Bone Accident | Baltimore

“I was really lucky to have John as my attorney. He communicated very well with me. Everything was done in a timely fashion, and I was happy with the outcome of my case.”

- Shawn G.

Truck Accident | Baltimore

“John was my lawyer for my truck accident case which was not moving along before I hired him. John immediately worked on my case and was very happy with the settlement I got. I called or texted him a lot about what’s happening in my case and he got back to me in a very short time to let me know what’s going on. I recommend John for anyone who needs a truck accident lawyer”.

- Wayne W.

Negligence | Baltimore

Attorney John Leppler was very professional in handing my case. I thought he actually care about my case and about me as a person. He did everything in his power to get me the best possible settlement and did an excellent job under very unusual circumstances. I would recommend anyone seeking legal counsel to hire Mr. Leppler where you're guaranteed to receive the best possible service you can get from an attorney.

- Marlisa F.

Bicycle Accident | Baltimore

Great experience overall having John Leppler as my attorney. John understands his client, very insightful and is an expert in his field. Truly a professional and marvelous individual.

- Alexis P.

Rear-End Collision | Baltimore

“John came on to my accident case while it was stalling for a long time. He worked quickly and got me an outcome that I was very happy with. I highly recommend John”.

- Samuel W.

Personal Injury | Baltimore

“John represented me in two accident cases, one settled and one I won at the trial in my case. I was very pleased with both and John is one of the few lawyers that really cares about his clients. I highly recommend John.”

- Nia T.

Personal Injury | Baltimore

“John was my lawyer for my case against a pharmacist and was relentlessly getting me a settlement I was very happy with. I highly recommend John for anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer.”

- Malaika T.

Car Accident | Baltimore

“John was my lawyer for my car accident and fought very hard for me before and at the jury trial. I highly recommend John as a car accident lawyer”.

- Melissa G.

Personal Injury | Baltimore

“I hired John to be my lawyer and from day one he answered all my questions, negotiated with the other side and quickly got me a resolution for my case that I couldn’t have been happier with. John is the real deal and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer.”

- Jonathan O.

Bicycle Accident | Baltimore

“Great experience overall having John Leppler as my attorney. John understands his client, very insightful and is an expert in his field. Truly a professional and marvelous individual.”

- Jennifer P.