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Parkville Personal Injury Attorney

personal injury lawyer in parkville Have you suffered losses due to someone’s negligent or intentional acts in Parkville, Maryland? Or perhaps your losses stem from a strict liability incident? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you need the services of a Parkville personal injury lawyer.

Personal injury cases in Baltimore County can be complicated, but you cannot avoid pursuing them as a victim. Otherwise, you may have losses you cannot recover from. Find out more about the services a Parkville personal injury law firm can provide by continuing with the rest of this article.

To What Situations Does Personal Injury Apply?

How can you tell if you have a personal injury case on your hands? Typically, you can tell that your case is heading in that direction because certain elements are present. The presence of an injury is one factor to look for. An injury can come in many forms. For example, a physical injury may qualify as a personal injury. The same goes for any harmful action adversely affecting a person’s mental state or reputation.

Personal injury cases can also be on three specific grounds. According to the Legal Information Institute, those grounds include negligence, strict liability, and intentional actions. If you are pursuing a personal injury claim because somebody accidentally or intentionally harmed you, it is also worth evaluating the severity of your injury.

A cyclist accidentally scratching your jacket while you were using a crosswalk is not a serious enough injury to warrant a personal injury claim. However, the losses you suffered from the encounter must be substantial, or the court may dismiss your case. Also, you must establish that your injury was due to the other party’s actions. For example, provide proof that your broken hand was a byproduct of the Parkville car crash caused by the defendant and not an entirely unrelated incident.

What Are Some Causes of Personal Injuries in Parkville, Maryland?

Unfortunate incidents that occur all the time also double as personal injury cases. As a result of your involvement in a personal injury case in Parkville, Maryland, you may end up with burns, bruises, broken bones, and even traumatic brain injuries. A personal injury may even lead to a wrongful death in serious cases.

Let’s use this section to discuss some common examples of personal injury cases. If you were recently involved in one of the cases detailed below, remember that you can pursue compensation with the help of your Parkville personal injury attorney.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Major roadways inside Parkville, such as Old Harford Road, Putty Hill Avenue, and Perring Parkway, have witnessed their share of accidents through the years. But, zooming out to the rest of Maryland, you may be surprised by how common motor vehicle accidents are. According to Zero Deaths Maryland, a total of 108,656 motor vehicle crashes occurred in the state in 2021. Also, 40,788 individuals suffered injuries due to their involvement in those crashes. Tragically, those crashes also caused 563 fatalities.

It does not matter how comfortable you are driving your car, truck, or motorcycle. You must always exercise caution while on the road because you can never tell when a disaster might strike.

Bicycle Crashes, Pedalcycle, and Scooter Accidents

Choosing a bicycle, pedalcycle, or scooter, as your main mode of transportation inside Parkville will not shield you from accidents. In 2021, there were 734 crashes involving cyclists recorded in Maryland. Furthermore, 613 people suffered injuries from those crashes, and six died. Cyclists are especially vulnerable during collisions. If you plan to ride around town, make yourself easy to spot so nearby motorists do not accidentally hit you.

Pedestrian Accidents

Crosswalks and other road segments are for pedestrians so they can get around safely. Unfortunately, many pedestrians still have accidents because some motorists are negligent or reckless. In addition, 2,548 pedestrians were in accidents in 2021. As a result, 2,514 people received injuries due to their involvement in those pedestrian accidents. Unfortunately, those accidents also led to 127 deaths.
If you are going through Harford Road or any other Parkville roadway, always check for pedestrians. Shield them from potential harm by being a responsible motorist.

Negligent or Inadequate Security

Any establishment owner who invites guests to their property must keep them safe. If you are the owner of a private property, you should have basic security features before you invite any guests. Meanwhile, commercial property owners often need to invest in proper lighting and security personnel to reasonably say they operate safe establishments.

Establishment owners that fail to provide adequate security open themselves up to potential personal injury claims. Any person injured on your property due to your lackluster security can hit you with a negligent security lawsuit.

Premises Liability

Did you receive injuries on another person’s property? If so, you can pursue a premises liability claim together with your Parkville personal injury lawyer. Since property owners are obligated to keep any guests safe from harm, they can receive lawsuits if they fail to meet that basic requirement. Negligent security claims are examples of premises liability cases. Premises liability claims may also stem from slip and fall accidents, dog bite incidents, and inadequate maintenance of building features such as elevators.

What Is Contributory Negligence in Parkville, Maryland?

The outcomes of personal injury cases in Parkville, Maryland may sometimes be heavily affected by the principle of contributory negligence. For those unfamiliar with contributory negligence, it is a rule that sets a high bar for plaintiffs. It specifically states that a plaintiff can be barred from recovering damages in a personal injury case if they are deemed even 1% at fault for what happened.

Because of how contributory negligence works, many defense lawyers in Maryland focus more on trying to unearth the smallest mistakes made by the plaintiff instead of trying to prove their client’s innocence. You cannot exactly blame them for adopting that tactic because it presents them with an easy path to getting your claim dismissed.

All this speaks to the importance of hiring an expert personal injury attorney in Parkville. Work with an attorney who knows how to deal with the contributory negligence factor and give yourself the best odds of recouping compensation.

Parkville, Maryland, Lawyer Available 24/7

No case is unimportant in the eyes of Attorney John Leppler. Therefore, he will give your case the time and attention it deserves so you can present a compelling argument to the party that caused your injury or to the court if necessary. John also makes time for his clients. Reach out to him any time throughout the day if you need help deciding what to do next.

The Insurance Companies Are NOT on Your Side

A common mistake many victims in personal injury cases make is believing that insurers have their best interests in mind. In reality, insurers focus on making money first and foremost. Paying out all the claims they receive would make it harder for them to turn huge profits. Insurers will use whatever means necessary to avoid paying out a claim.

If you let your guard down while speaking to an insurer’s lawyer, they can use any of your misstatements against you. Say something wrong during that conversation, and they can gather enough ammunition to cite contributory negligence as a reason they do not need to pay your claim. Some insurers will also approach you with a settlement offer that should cover your medical bills and other essential expenses. However, closer inspection of the offer may reveal that it falls well short of the compensation you should receive based on your losses.

Once you understand that insurers are not on your side, you will see why hiring a personal injury lawyer in Parkville is important. You cannot avoid conversations with the insurer’s representatives forever, but you can ask your lawyer to handle them. That way, you can avoid making a costly mistake.

How Do I File a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Parkville, Maryland?

You have hired a lawyer and are determined to secure compensation following your accident. So, how exactly should you go about doing that? Allow us to detail the steps involved.

File Your Personal Injury Lawsuit – Assuming you have already gathered the evidence necessary for your claim, you can file it. First, consult your lawyer to determine which Maryland court you should file with.

Wait for the Defendant’s Response – The defendant will receive your lawsuit shortly after your filing. Once they receive your lawsuit, they will have an opportunity to respond. Depending on how the defendant responds, you may either need to file a counterclaim or prepare for the next stage of this process. The judge will still hear your argument even if the defendant fails to respond. They may also render a judgment in your favor if you present a compelling enough case.

Take Part in the Discovery Phase – The next stage of this process is known as the discovery phase. During the discovery phase, the plaintiff and the defendant share the evidence they have gathered up to that point. Both sides can examine the evidence available and decide how they want to proceed with the case.

Negotiate with the Other Side – Negotiations typically begin after the discovery phase. Now that both sides are better aware of where they stand, they can negotiate accordingly. Your Parkville personal injury attorney can tell you if the other side is presenting a fair offer. If they are unwilling to present that offer, you can continue with this process.

Submit Pre-Trial Motions – Since you could not agree with the other side, you must now prepare for a trial. Before you head to court, consider filing some pre-trial motions. Obtain clearance from the court to present certain pieces of evidence so you can make the best argument possible.

Present Your Case in Court – All that is left to do at this point is to present your case in court. With the facts and a dependable lawyer on your side, you should have little trouble convincing the court that you had no role in causing the accident. By the way, you can continue negotiating while the trial is ongoing. If they come up with a fair offer, feel free to accept it.

Determining Settlements in a Personal Injury Case in Parkville, Maryland

We talked a bit about fair settlement offers in the last section of this offer, but how can you tell if you are getting one? A fair settlement offer should include both economic and non-economic damages. Let’s discuss those damages in greater detail below.

  • Economic Damages – The economic damages awarded in personal cases compensate plaintiffs for their quantifiable losses. Examples of those quantifiable losses include your medical expenses, repair bills, and lost wages. These damages should also pay for additional treatments you may need in the future if those treatments are related to the injuries you sustained from the accident.
  • Non-Economic Damages – Non-economic damages included in personal injury cases cover intangible losses such as emotional distress or loss of enjoyment of life. Special formulas calculate non-economic damages. Your lawyer can handle those calculations.

Parkville, Maryland

Parkville, MD, is a gorgeous town close to Baltimore City. Some of the great things to do there include hiking in Double Rock Park, visiting Weber’s Farm and cider mill, or Ye Old Emerald Tavern. Apart from its natural beauty and proximity to Baltimore City, Parkville also stands out as a great place for settling down because of its accessible real estate market.

The median cost of a new home in Parkville is $242,700. That is well below the median cost of a new home for the state of Maryland, which stands at $388,100. If you are looking for affordable homes in Maryland, you should start browsing the real estate market in Parkville.

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