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Parkville Car Accident Attorney

car accident lawyer in parkville maryland Accidents can happen anywhere in at any time. A drunk driver may interrupt your typically peaceful morning drive around Parkville, MD. In the wake of the crash, your car may look mangled, and you may end up badly injured. The degree to which the actions of an irresponsible driver can upend your life is distressing. Thankfully, there is still a way for you to get your life back on track. Enlist the help of a Parkville car accident lawyer and recoup the compensation you deserve.

Did a Negligent Driver Cause Your Car Accident in Parkville, Maryland?

Car accidents in Parkville, Maryland, typically result from either intentional acts or negligence. More often than not, as an experienced car accident attorney in Parkville, Maryland, John Leppler sees that negligence is the root cause of the crash. But what is negligence and Maryland laws related to it in the context of a car accident? How does it manifest itself in these types of cases? Negligence occurs when an individual fails to act with the same level of care that a reasonable person would have exhibited in the same situation.

For example, it would be reasonable for any driver to assume they are not sharing the road with an intoxicated motorist. After all, the dangers of drunk driving are well known, so there is no excuse for any heavily intoxicated individual to be on the road. Unfortunately, one drunk driver may arrogantly believe they can still control their vehicle properly, even under the influence of alcohol.

If that drunk driver causes an accident, then their arrogance and negligence could be cited as the main causes of the crash. They could then be held responsible for the damages they caused. You can attribute other examples of bad driving behavior to negligence. There are other examples of bad driving behavior that can be attributed to negligence. Those examples include:

Any driver who causes an accident because they were engaging in one of the behaviors we listed, can be held accountable for their actions. You can also recoup compensation from a negligent driver with the help of your Parkville car accident lawyer.

The Legal Process: What Happens after a Car Accident in Parkville, MD?

What if you were recently in a car crash on Harford Road in Parkville, and you know it was not your fault. What happens now? How do you get to the point where you can obtain compensation from the party responsible for causing your accident? Let’s use this section of the article to discuss some of the important things you need to do to put yourself in the best position from a legal standpoint.

Seek Treatment for Your Injuries

Seeking treatment for your car accident injuries is important for a few reasons. Obviously, you need treatment for any injuries that are causing you pain but going to the doctor immediately also yields other important benefits. For instance, going to the doctor right after the crash establishes that you take your injuries seriously. The party you are suing will have difficulty downplaying the severity of your injuries because you demonstrated urgency.

That doctor’s visit also creates official medical records. Those medical records will serve as solid pieces of evidence that will bolster your claims.

Send Your Car to the Auto Shop for Repairs

Next, you need to get your car repaired. Your vehicle may no longer be usable following your accident. Send it to an auto shop now to confirm how much the repairs will cost. Similar to the doctor’s visit, sending your car to the auto repair shop will also yield valuable evidence. More specifically, the mechanics can detail the damage’s extent and create your bill. Include those pieces of evidence in your lawsuit to demonstrate that the damages you seek are based on expert opinions.

Hire an Experienced Parkville Car Accident Lawyer

Before proceeding any further, hire a legal representative. At this juncture, hiring an attorney is crucial because you will be moving forward with some legal actions. This is when you need to start preparing your injury claim. Your lawyer can also start gathering evidence on your behalf. For example, they can speak to police, witnesses, and owners of establishments that may have video footage of the accident.

During this time, you may also start receiving phone calls from the representatives of the other driver’s insurer. It would be best for you to avoid dealing with them directly. Instead, let your car accident lawyer in Parkville handle communications with them and focus on your recovery.

Negotiate a Settlement

Many car accident cases do not end up in court. Instead, the two sides get together and settle. Settling your case can be a favorable outcome if you receive fair compensation. Consult with your lawyer to know what fair compensation looks like. They can also take the lead during the negotiations, and you can weigh in with your final decision.

Head to Trial

Do not dismiss the possibility that your car accident case could head to trial. Conversely, the insurer may believe they have a good chance of discrediting your claims. As long as you have a good lawyer working on your behalf, you do not need to worry about false claims overwhelming the evidence you present.

Insurance Requirements for Motor Vehicles in Parkville, Maryland

When you sue another driver for compensation following an accident, you are not asking them to pay you. Instead, you ask their insurer to cover your losses because their client was negligent. The presence of insurance makes it easier for accident victims to claim some form of compensation. The state of Maryland requires all motorists to carry insurance. If you hit the road without auto insurance, you could receive fines, have your registration suspended, and your vehicle may also go to the impound lot.

All Maryland drivers must have $30,000 in bodily injury coverage in their insurance policy. In addition, the same policy should reserve up to $60,000 in bodily injury coverage for two or more accident victims. It should also cover up to $15,000 in property damage.

What if I Was Hit by an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver in Parkville, Maryland?

Not every driver on Old Harford Road or Taylor Avenue carries auto insurance. Others may not be carrying sufficient insurance. So, how should you proceed if one of those uninsured or underinsured drivers causes your accident? Your next move should involve filing an uninsured/underinsured motorist claim with your insurer. Maryland law also requires drivers to have uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance. Now is the time for you to use that.

Send your claim and supporting evidence to your insurer and request a payout.

Is Maryland an At-Fault or No-Fault State for Car Crashes?

Maryland is an at-fault state regarding car accidents. That distinction is important because it opens up another avenue for you to claim compensation in your Parkville personal injury case. Going back to what we outlined in the previous section, it is crucial to note that your insurer is not obligated to cover your uninsured/underinsured motorist claim automatically. However, you still must prove your claim is legitimate, so we suggested sending evidence.

If your insurer still refuses to cover your claim, you have the option of going after the driver responsible for your accident. Take advantage of Maryland being an at-fault state and file a lawsuit against the other driver. Force them to cover your losses. Since the other driver was uninsured, there is a good chance they do not have the money available to pay for the losses you sustained. Even so, you should go after them to secure whatever you can get. While all this is happening, you should also continue to pursue your claim from your insurer. Go ahead and take them to court if you and your Parkville car accident lawyer believe doing so is necessary.

Can I Handle My Own Parkville Auto Accident Case?

Faced with mounting medical expenses and car repair bills, the last thing you may want is to deal with lawyer’s fees. We understand why you may feel that way. Still, before you decide on your representation, we should discuss the risks of continuing without a Parkville car accident attorney. First, you must consider what you can handle in your current state. For example, if you need to receive treatment for your injuries, you may be unable to gather evidence immediately. You could also miss the three-year statute of limitations for car accident lawsuits in Maryland if you sustained serious injuries.

Your lawyer can also tell you how much you should ask for in a lawsuit. In some cases, it is not as simple as requesting payment for your medical expenses, repair bills, damaged property, and lost wages. There are other damages you can recover that you could miss out on because you did not consult with a lawyer. Do not forget that you must also deal with an insurer and their lawyers if you seek compensation following a car accident. Again, properly handling those interactions will be easier said than done if you go solo.

Handling the Insurance Companies: What You Need to Know

Auto insurance companies provide services that can save drivers from potential financial ruin. There is no denying the importance of the work they do. However, you should never forget that insurers are still in the business of making money. Making payouts all the time is not good for their bottom line. Therefore, they will do what they can to avoid those payouts.

Shortly after your accident, an insurer’s lawyer may call to check on you. During the conversation, they may ask about your condition and the accident. You could jeopardize your claim by revealing too much during that conversation. Say anything they can construe as an admission of responsibility on your behalf, and you may miss out on compensation. We are not exaggerating when we say that.

Because Maryland follows the principle of contributory negligence, admitting even 1% of the blame for an accident is enough to bar you from recovering damages. The insurer’s lawyer may also approach you with a settlement offer. They may decide to quickly pay for most of your losses without heading to court or negotiating any further. That may sound like a good deal, and you may feel tempted to take it.

However, before doing so, scrutinize the offer further. Upon closer inspection, you may find the deal is well below what you should receive. Avoid falling victim to the tactics insurers commonly deploy to escape their responsibilities. Instead, hire a Parkville auto accident lawyer as soon as possible so they can handle any interactions with the other party.

Parkville, MD

Parkville, Maryland, is a peaceful suburban community in Baltimore County. You will find that many Parkville residents work in Baltimore City. Making that daily commute from Parkville to Baltimore is no problem. That is the case regardless of whether you live in Taylor Heights, Harford Park, or any other neighborhood in Parkville.

Notable events such as the Parkville-Carney Festival and the Stanstock music festival are also held in Parkville, Maryland, annually. Stanstock serves as a great showcase for emerging local talents. Enjoy the festival together with your loved ones, and you will grow to develop a better appreciation for this Maryland community.

Aside from its proximity to Baltimore City, many folks also love Parkville because it is an outdoorsy area. Some residents prefer to spend time outside with friends, while others enjoy exploring the natural landscape in beautiful places like Double Rock Park

Maryland Lawyer Available 24/7

Some mega-firms in Maryland prioritize profit over everything else. As a result, they turn away clients purely because they do not see good enough opportunities to make money. Parkville car accident attorney John Leppler is here to assist all Maryland residents needing legal aid. Choose him as your car accident lawyer in Parkville and take the fight to any insurer trying to take advantage of you. Reach out to John anytime if you have any concerns about your case, and he will respond.

Some of the other locations in and around Baltimore County our law firm serves include: Baltimore, Towson, Timonium, Pikesville, Owings Mills, Glen Burnie, and more.

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