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Timonium Car Accident Attorney

car accident lawyer in timonium Car accidents in Timonium, Maryland, often cause traumatic experiences. In addition, they can traumatize new victims and even those who have been involved in similar incidents before. This is why having the contact information of a Timonium car accident lawyer is essential.

According to the Maryland Department of Transportation, 108,656 car accidents occurred in Maryland in 2021. That is below the five-year average that dates back to 2017, but it still represents a significant increase from the year prior. With car accidents on the rise in Baltimore County, we need to be more vigilant whenever we are on the road.

Getting to know a car accident attorney in Timonium, Maryland, is also highly recommended. Learn more about how he can help by continuing with the rest of this article.

Holding Negligent Drivers in Timonium Responsible

Negligence often plays a key role in car accidents in Lutherville-Timonium. One of the parties involved in the crash neglected their duty of care, which led directly to the accident. This section details the common examples of negligence which Timonium car accident attorney John Leppler regularly sees that can lead to disastrous car crashes.

  • Intoxicated Driving – In 2021, intoxicated drivers caused a total of 6,522 car crashes. Furthermore, 173 people died from injuries they sustained from those terrible accidents. Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol is the epitome of being negligent on the road. The people who engage in that kind of activity have little to no regard for their safety and everyone else’s safety around them. Simply put, they do not belong on Maryland roads.
  • Distracted Driving – Distracted driving is not discussed enough, considering the danger it presents. When someone is not concentrating on the road while driving, it is easy for them to rear-end a nearby vehicle. Crashes fueled by distracted driving are remarkably common. The Maryland Department of Transportation recorded 50,882 distracted driver crashes in 2021. Unfortunately, those accidents also led to the tragic deaths of 222 people.
  • Aggressive Driving – Aggressive driving can include everything from speeding to disregarding traffic signs. In addition, motorists who fail to yield the right of way also engage in aggressive driving. Furthermore, 11,211 car accidents in Maryland in 2021 were by aggressive drivers, and 129 people died because of the accidents caused by those reckless motorists.

Can I Handle My Own Car Accident Case in Timonium, Maryland?

Ask anyone who has had to deal with the aftermath of a car accident before, and they will tell you that hiring a Timonium car accident lawyer is one of the most important things you must do. It is something you need to do as opposed to a mere option you can consider. Why is hiring an attorney so important in that scenario? The reasons provided below should sufficiently answer that question.

You May Not Be Able to Handle Your Own Case

Common injuries victims sustain following car accidents include broken bones, damaged organs, and concussions. Even if you want to handle your Lutherville-Timonium personal injury case solo, you may be in no condition to do so, given your injuries. Instead of taking on that nearly impossible task by yourself, enlist the services of an attorney and let them take the lead. Pitch in when you can but focus on your recovery.

Your Lawyer Can Investigate Your Accident

Considering how the courts handle personal injury claims in Maryland, you do not want your case to devolve into an affair primarily directed by hearsay. Instead, you want to bolster your claims using evidence to improve your chances of claiming compensation. Attorneys can conduct investigations on your behalf. They can look into your case and provide proof that the defendant receives all blame for what happened.

Your Lawyer Can Prevent You from Making Costly Mistakes

The state of Maryland follows the rule of contributory negligence. Because the rule of contributory negligence is in effect, a plaintiff in a car crash lawsuit can miss out on compensation if they bear even 1% of the blame for an accident. Considering the low bar for disqualifying plaintiffs, you cannot afford to make any mistakes while pursuing your claim. Your Timonium car accident lawyer should handle all dealings with the other side so you can avoid making a costly mistake.

Your Lawyer Can Keep You on Schedule

Individuals planning to pursue accident or injury claims in Timonium, Maryland, have three years to complete their filings. A plaintiff specifically has three years from the date of their accident to act if they want to sue the party responsible for what happened. Plenty of time may pass without you filing anything because you had to recover and collect evidence first. Before you know it, you may already be brushing up against the three-year deadline. Avoid exceeding that deadline by letting your lawyer handle the filing.

Types of Auto Accident Cases in Timonium That Leppler’s Injury Law Firm Handles

Our Injury Law firmly believes that we are the best choice if you are looking for a car accident attorney in Timonium, Maryland. Our extensive experience in handling car accident cases allows us to provide great services to all our Maryland-based clients. Examples of the car accident cases we frequently handle are in this section of the article.

Head-On Collisions – Head-on collisions place the involved motorists in great peril. Even though there are airbags and other features designed to keep drivers safe during an accident, they may not do enough to mitigate the force generated during a head-on collision. You may need a fatal car accident attorney if your loved one was involved in a head-on collision. Hopefully, you will never deal with that kind of situation. Still, it is a possibility we cannot dismiss when talking about head-on car crashes.

Wrong Way Accidents – Many head-on collisions stem from drivers moving in opposite directions while traversing the same road. Those are also known as wrong-way accidents. Intoxicated and distracted drivers are more likely to drift away from their designated lanes and crash into other motorists minding their own business. Wrong-way accidents are also likelier to occur when visibility is poor.

T-Bone Accidents – T-bone car accidents are comparable to head-on collisions in terms of how deadly they are. Unfortunately, these crashes often have deadly consequences because the drivers and passengers who endure the impact are not well-protected. Often, only the car door prevents them from feeling the full force of the crash.

Rear-End Accidents – Many victims of rear-end car accidents end up suffering whiplash injuries. That s because the force originating from the back of the vehicle can cause the driver’s head and neck to whip back and forth violently. Rear-end accidents are often less severe than some of the other accidents we have detailed here, but they are damaging all the same. Hire an auto accident lawyer if you wish to hold another party responsible for causing your rear-end accident.

Distracted Driver Accidents – Distractions on the road may include your smartphone, food, and even the loud music you are playing. You should never underestimate the impact those things can have on your concentration. Anything that can pull your attention away from the road is a hazard, and you must keep them away from you.

Fatal Car Accidents – The victim does not file a personal injury lawsuit when a fatal car accident occurs. Instead, that responsibility falls to the decedent’s surviving relatives. You must also file a wrongful death lawsuit in that scenario. Work closely with a fatal car accident lawyer if you intend to file a wrongful death claim. They can guide you throughout that process to ensure that your claim will be deemed valid by the court.

Hit and Run Accidents – Pursuing a personal injury claim following a hit and run accident can be difficult because the identity of your assailant is unknown. You need to hope that the assailant’s identity becomes discovered during the investigation, or you may need to use your insurance to pay for your expenses.

In either case, the services of an auto accident attorney can prove incredibly helpful. They can investigate the case and attempt to track down the driver who caused your accident or deal with your insurer so you can successfully file a claim.

Taxi Accidents – You should also consider filing a lawsuit if you are involved in an accident while using public transportation. Consider seeking compensation from Lyft, Uber, or Timonium taxi companies such as Jimmy’s Cab, All-Star Taxi, and Express Sedan if their drivers were responsible for your mishap. You can also sue companies that operate shuttles in Maryland, such as the Towson Sedan Service and the 95 Star Airport Service, if they put their passengers and other motorists at risk.

Company Vehicle Accidents – Lastly, Timonium car accident lawyer John Leppler also handles accidents involving company vehicles. Carefully consider the circumstances surrounding the accident so you can identify the right party to sue.

Car Crash Settlements and What To Expect

If a car crash only causes property damage, the most recent statistics suggest that plaintiffs can expect to take home a settlement valued at around $4,700. Unsurprisingly, settlements in accidents that cause bodily injury are often higher. You can expect a settlement offer closer to $20,000 if you become hurt in the accident.

Plaintiffs should know that those are only the average settlement amounts. The payout you get could ultimately end up pretty far from that. Key factors that will affect the value of your accident settlement include the losses you sustained and the defendant’s ability to pay.
Victims who suffer severe injuries are more likely to take home hefty payouts. That outcome is especially likely if you sustained an injury that requires long-term care.

Some defendants may have enough resources to pay for your losses out of pocket, while others can lean on their insurance. Others cannot provide any payout at all.
Local laws can also greatly affect settlement offers. For example, if the evidence suggests that you are partially to blame for the accident, you could miss out on compensation entirely.

Do You Need to Call the Police after a Minor Car Accident in Timonium, Maryland?

Most people would probably prefer not to call law enforcement if they are only involved in a minor accident. If the extent of the damage is a little ding on the back of your car, you may agree not to inform the Lutherville-Timonium police as long as the other driver agrees to pay for the damage. But is that kind of arrangement even legal? In the state of Maryland, motorists must notify the police if certain conditions are met. Those conditions include:

  • A vehicle sustaining enough damage that it cannot be moved safely
  • Someone ends up injured

The involvement of an intoxicated driver

  • The involvement of an unlicensed driver
  • The involvement of a driver attempting to flee the accident site without sharing their information first
  • Public property sustaining damage

If all of those conditions do not exist in your particular accident, you can bypass law enforcement and settle things directly with the other driver.


Timonium is a suburb of Maryland best known for its homey atmosphere. If you decide to move there, you will join a tight-knit community with members that look out for one another.

The idea of moving to Timonium also appeals to many people because it is a place packed with highly regarded schools. Many young parents regard Timonium as a dream destination because they know their children will benefit greatly from the schools there. The cost of living in Timonium is on the high side, but the quality of life its residents enjoy is also top-notch. As a result, it is an ideal long-term home for anyone who wants to settle down.

Recommended repair shops for victims of automobile accidents in Timonium include:
Tyre’s Auto Repair – 1955 Greenspring Dr, Timonium, MD 21093
Prestige Automotive – 200 W Padonia Rd unit d, Timonium, MD 21093
Ridgely Auto Care Center – 19 W Ridgely Rd, Timonium, MD 21093
Collision Concierge – 10909 Falls Rd, Timonium, MD 21093

Knowledgeable Car Accident Lawyer in Timonium, Maryland

Reach out to Leppler Injury Law if you want to hire someone who can deftly manage your car accident case. We are always eager to lend our legal expertise, so please feel free to contact us!

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