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Baltimore T-Bone Accident Attorney

t-bone accident lawyer T-bone collisions, also known as broadside or side-impact collisions occur when one car slams into the side of another vehicle. These types of collisions are termed “t-bone” accidents because the angle of impact of the two vehicles resembles an imaginary letter T. This type of crash often occurs at intersections or in parking lots in Baltimore, Maryland.

The severity and seriousness of injuries depend on how fast both vehicles were traveling before impact. If you’ve been injured in a t-bone car accident in the Baltimore area, there are many things to consider about your legal rights and remedies. This article by experienced Baltimore t-bone accident lawyer John Leppler’s injury law firm will cover some important information for those who have experienced this type of collision.

How Do T-Bone Accidents Occur in Baltimore, Maryland?

T-bone collisions also known as side-impact crashes are caused by Baltimore drivers who fail to yield right of way to other vehicles that have entered an intersection. The most common cause is failure to see oncoming traffic because:

  • the driver was looking down at their cell phone or talking with passengers
  • distracted driving which includes texting while driving
  • attempting to run a red light

The force of the collision may also injure or eject a passenger from the second vehicle.  Both automobiles are likely to be totaled in this sort of crash due to metal crumpling and broken glass.

The most common injuries that result from this kind of crash include whiplash, neck pain, headaches, soreness to muscles and ligaments, bruising, cuts, broken bones, internal bleeding, and even death. If you have been involved in this type of collision reach out to a t-bone accident attorney in Baltimore, Maryland, today.

Why is it Important to Take Photos at the T-bone Accident Scene?

Photographs of property damage are one of the most overlooked aspects of a car accident. It is critical to take accident scene photos as soon as possible after being involved in a T-bone car accident. When there are no pictures of the incident, it is very easy for the other driver to deny fault and try to blame you. If you don’t take these photos, your insurance company may be unable to assist you with your claim and it may make it difficult for an attorney to negotiate an out-of-court settlement.

In the event of a T-bone car accident in Baltimore, Maryland, it is always best to photograph the scene before moving your car or touching anything else that could change the perception of what happened. The other driver might try to blame you; these photos help prove otherwise.

What to do Immediately following The Collision

The T-bone crash has the potential to cause severe injuries to the vehicle occupants, such as broken bones, spinal injuries, and even traumatic brain injury. If you are on the side of the vehicle that was hit, call 911 and request an ambulance for any injuries. If your airbags deploy or there is smoke coming from beneath the hood, turn off all power sources to avoid a fire hazard. A t-bone collision causes severe vehicle damage to both cars.

If your car is drivable and the other driver needs assistance, offer them a ride or call emergency services Then, as soon as possible, contact your insurance company and a Baltimore t-bone accident lawyer at Leppler Injury Law.

Why is it Difficult to Prove Who is at Fault in a T-Bone Car Accident?

Because of Maryland’s contributory negligence rule, it is difficult for an accident victim to prove that the other driver was at fault for the accident. For example, if the drivers involved in the T-bone accident go to court and present their versions of what happened, and no other materials are presented to the court as evidence other than the two drivers’ testimony, the claimant will lose because it is a “he-said-she-said” situation. However, the victim can prove his case in a variety of ways including the following:

  • Photographs of both vehicles involved in the T-bone collision
  • Eyewitness accounts and written statements
  • The police report, as well as, if necessary, the police officer testifying at trial about his recollection of creating the police report.
  • Your medical records and bills, as well as how you told your doctors about the accident.
  • Recorded statements by the drivers to their respective insurance companies immediately following the accident explaining how the accident occurred
  • Video evidence of the accident’s occurrence.

Even if you obtain the above, you must ensure that all of the materials will be admitted as evidence at trial and make a compelling argument to the judge or jury that the defendant was negligent. This is difficult to do and cannot be done without the assistance of a skilled and experienced t-bone accident attorney.

How can an Attorney Assist Me With My T-Bone Accident Claim?

A t-bone accident attorney in Baltimore, Maryland, can assist you in going the extra mile to get what you deserve. They will assist you in filing an insurance claim and negotiating for damages. Your car crash attorney will assist you in ensuring that any medical bills incurred or lost wages as a result of this type of collision are covered. If you’ve been accused of causing the car accident in some way, you should definitely consult with a t-bone accident lawyer.

As part of the evidence, the photos you took at the accident scene will become a big part of the settlement negotiation. The photos will help prove that you are the accident victim and not the negligent driver.

Your Baltimore personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you receive fair compensation. If a reasonable settlement amount cannot be reached, an experienced t-bone accident attorney will be prepared to take your case to court and fight for the compensation you deserve.

Experienced Law Firm in Baltimore, Maryland

If you or a loved one were injured in a T-bone, head-on collision, or any type of automobile accident in the Baltimore area, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit. Call Baltimore car accident lawyer John J. Leppler at (443) 955-1989 for a FREE consultation to discuss. John will advise you on your legal options, and work with you to determine the best course of legal action. If you choose to work with John, he will fight the insurance company hard and refuse to accept a low-ball settlement. His commitment is to help you get the compensation you deserve!