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Rollover Accident Attorney

rollover accident lawyer Being trapped in your car while it is rolling over is a terrifying experience. However, at that moment, you may only worry about your survival and nothing else. The thought of reaching out to a Baltimore County rollover accident lawyer may not have entered your mind. Still, you may realize the need for it eventually.

Upon seeing the state your vehicle is in and finally experiencing the pain of your injuries now that the adrenaline has worn off, you will quickly understand that you need compensation. We can help with that. Continue with the rest of this article to learn more about rollover accidents and how to pursue compensation after being involved in one.

What Is a “Rollover” Car Crash?

Rollover car crashes are notorious for being deadly and destructive, but what exactly are they? Technically speaking, a rollover accident occurs whenever a vehicle tips onto its side or roof at any point during the crash. The exact number of times the vehicle rolls does not matter. It will still be a rollover accident whether it rolls once or multiple times.

Another important thing to note about rollover crashes is that they are often due to a collision with a fixed object or another vehicle. However, there are also instances where the elements and the driver’s own approach to driving may contribute to the crash.

Are Rollovers Common?

You might have assumed that rollover accidents only occur in the movies, but we can assure you that they happen in real life. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, there were a total of 7,182 passenger vehicle occupant deaths related to rollover crashes in 2020. That number is distressing enough, but it becomes more troubling when you view it with all passenger vehicle occupant deaths tallied that year. Per that same organization, rollover crashes accounted for 30% of all passenger vehicle occupant deaths recorded in 2020.

Even if rollover car accidents are not especially common, they are still remarkably deadly. You may still end up with severe injuries even if you survive your accident. Hire a car accident lawyer to secure compensation on your behalf so you can pay for the treatment you need.

How Do Vehicle Flips Happen?

Are you planning to sue the driver who caused your rollover accident in Baltimore? If so, you must hire a personal injury lawyer who can investigate your case. Your rollover accident lawyer can investigate your case and identify the cause of the crash. Once that becomes identified, you will have a stronger case to present.

Tripping over an Object on the Road – Many rollover car crashes are caused by tripping. Tripping occurs when your car hits an object on the road that causes it to lose balance. The object in question could be an uneven segment of the road or debris from a shattered barrier. There is no reason an object that can cause tripping should be on the road. You can take legal action against the party responsible for leaving that object scattered.

Aggressive Driving – An aggressive driver trying to overtake you may accidentally hit your car at an odd angle. That hit may be enough to put your vehicle off balance. It may tip over because of that. Go after the driver who caused your vehicle to tip over together with your auto accident attorney.

Distracted Driving – Aggressive drivers are not the only ones capable of causing rollover accidents. You can argue that a distracted driver is as dangerous in that context. They may hit your vehicle as they drift away from the lane and cause a crash.

Improperly Loaded Cargo – The improper loading of cargo may also cause rollover accidents. This is more of a concern for truck drivers. However, you should still be aware of it if you wish to stay as safe as possible.

Documenting the Scene of the Auto Accident

Enlisting the services of a rollover accident lawyer is essential because you need someone to investigate your case. The police will conduct the official investigation in your case, but they may miss something important due to all the other tasks they have to perform.

Your attorney can be more thorough when they investigate the scene of your auto accident in Towson. They can note things such as the tire marks and the positioning of the cars to determine who caused the crash. They can also gather witness statements and video evidence that will help illustrate how the crash unfolded.

With your lawyer uncovering the facts of the incident, you will soon discover if blame for the accident should fall on another driver, maintenance workers, or perhaps a particular company. You can push further with your lawsuit as soon as the guilty party becomes identified.

What Types of Cases Does Our Injury Law Firm Handle?

We at Leppler Injury Law can handle any rollover accident case. Beyond that, we have also helped Baltimore County residents recover damages in other types of car accident cases.

  • Fatal, Serious, and Catastrophic Car Accidents – Some car crashes are difficult to comprehend in terms of the damage they cause. They may cause multiple fatalities and severe injuries for those who survive. We hope you are never involved in one of these accidents, but rest assured that we are ready to help if you ever find yourself in that situation.
  • Head-On Collisions – Head-on car crashes may occur when two vehicles traveling in opposite directions end up in the same lane. They may also take place when drivers are navigating blind turns.
  • Distracted Driver Accidents – Many distracted drivers fail to realize the danger they are putting everyone else in. If a distracted driver caused your accident, you should hold them accountable.
  • Wrong Way Accidents – The drivers who cause wrong way accidents are often experiencing the effects of fatigue and/or intoxication. Some of them may also be distracted behind the wheel.
    Regardless of why they drove the wrong way, there is no excuse for their behavior. They must be held responsible for causing the crash.
  • Rear End Accidents – An impatient driver may accidentally bump your car from behind while the two of you are waiting at a spotlight. That is a rear-end accident, and you should file charges against the driver who hit your car.
  • Highway Accidents – Highway accidents can turn ugly quickly because multiple vehicles can easily end up involved in the original crash. Sorting through that kind of mess will be difficult, but your car accident lawyer can offer valuable assistance.
  • Hit and Run Accidents – Hit and run accidents are incredibly stressful. Aside from dealing with your injuries, you also worry about how you will pay for your losses with no assailant identified. Thankfully, your lawyer can work on identifying the person who caused your accident. They can also negotiate with your insurer if the efforts to identify your assailant prove unsuccessful.

    Why Choose Leppler Injury Law?

    Attorney John Leppler of Leppler Injury Law is committed to making high-quality legal services available to a larger segment of the population. It does not matter what your background is; John will be there to lend his expertise in your time of need. You do not need to worry about your case getting ignored in favor of other clients. John promises equitable treatment for all his clients; you should expect nothing less than that.

    Maryland Car Wreck Lawyer

    Are you still reeling from your recent involvement in a rollover car accident? You can make your situation easier to manage by partnering with Leppler Injury Law. Contact us today and tell us about your case so we can help you out of that difficult predicament.

    Some of the locations in and around Baltimore County our car crash law firm serves include Towson, Timonium, Pikesville, Baltimore, Owings Mills, and more.