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Baltimore Uber Accident Attorney

Uber is arguably the leading ridesharing company in Baltimore, Maryland, with Lyft coming in a close second. Both companies offer quicker, cheaper and more convenient ride services than a traditional taxi cab, but they are still prone to the same accidents on Maryland roadways.

Uber accidents are becoming more commonplace in Baltimore, Maryland, and the new laws and the constantly-evolving internal policy changes make pursuing these lawsuits more complicated than standard motor vehicle accidents. If you’ve suffered injuries as the result of a rideshare accident, let Baltimore Uber accident lawyer John Leppler, help you with your insurance and legal claims.

uber accident lawyer in Baltimore Maryland

Uber Car Accident Statistics

The arrival of ridesharing in Baltimore, Maryland, has made commuting so much more convenient. But has that convenience come at the cost of safety? You may know someone who has had an Uber accident in the past. While speaking to them, you may have even told them to get in touch with an Uber accident lawyer. It is important to recognize the role that ridesharing services like Uber have had on road safety.

Ridesharing has had a tangible impact on road accidents, with the arrival of ridesharing in major cities could be associated with a 2 to 3% increase in fatal motor vehicle accidents. The researchers also pointed out that the risk has increased for both the people riding in vehicles as well as pedestrians. Given how ridesharing has led to more people being on the road at any given time, it makes sense that accidents have risen as well. If you are a Baltimore County resident who spends plenty of time on the road, it is not a bad idea to take down the number of a Uber accident attorney in Baltimore, Maryland.

What Are the Causes of Uber and Ridesharing Crashes in Baltimore, Maryland?

Various factors contribute to ridesharing accidents. Let’s discuss them in greater detail below.

  • Distracted Driving: Rideshare drivers must look at their phones frequently to check customer bookings and directions. Their attention is not always on the road. Those distractions can prove costly as they can easily cause accidents.
  • Driving Incentives: Uber and Lyft drivers may also present a danger to themselves and others around them if they are chasing incentives. They may not drive as carefully because they are trying to hit a score before a deadline is up. Partner with a Uber accident attorney if you believe the desire to claim incentives played a role in your accident.
  • Lack of Vetting: Some drivers should never be responsible for the safety of others. However, a lack of vetting on the part of a ridesharing company could lead to a negligent driver transporting commuters. That is a dangerous situation that needs to be prevented.
  • Unruly Passengers: The ridesharing accidents in Baltimore, Towson, and other parts of Maryland may also be due to unruly passengers. Following a night of drinking, some passengers may constantly bother their driver and eventually cause an accident. If your vehicle were in that mess, you would need the services of a rideshare accident lawyer.

How Are Rideshare Accidents in Baltimore Different from Normal Car Accidents?

A car accident in Baltimore, Maryland, involving an Uber or Lyft driver is not the same as one that only involves owners of private vehicles. There are key differences that could affect compensation for plaintiffs and punishment for the defendants. The first key difference is related to identifying the party responsible for the accident.

Because rideshare drivers are not technically considered employees, you cannot always sue Uber or Lyft to get compensation. The courts could order the rideshare company to hand over the payout, but that responsibility could also fall solely on the driver. The amount of compensation you may receive in a rideshare accident is also heavily dependent on the timing of the crash. As a result, you could miss out on substantial compensation due to the status of the Uber app. Lastly, accidents involving Uber and Lyft tend to be more complicated because you are going up against companies with deep pockets. Therefore, you will need the services of an experienced Baltimore Uber accident attorney if you are aiming to receive fair compensation.

Why Should You Hire an Uber Car Accident Lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland?

Any car accident can be perplexing in its aftermath. You are most likely injured, unsure of how the accident occurred, and unsure of what to do next. An experienced Baltimore Uber car accident attorney can help you navigate the process and following an accident. How we can help:

Protect you from insurance companies

Insurance companies, unfortunately, frequently try to take advantage of injured claimants who do not have legal representation. The insurance company will frequently try to prolong a claim for as long as possible in order to persuade the injured to accept a much lower settlement than they deserve. The claim process can be complex and confusing. By speaking to a Maryland Uber accident attorney as soon as possible, you have the best chance of maximizing the recovery you deserve.

Determine Liability in a Rideshare Car Crash

The process of determining liability in the aftermath of an Uber accident is similar to that of evaluating liability in any other car accident—it might be the Uber driver’s fault or the fault of the other vehicle. Regardless, unless the passenger contributed to the accident in some way, they would not be held accountable. An attorney can assist you in determining liability and putting your best foot forward in your insurance claim.

Value Your Case

If you were injured in a rideshare accident as a passenger, an experienced Uber car accident attorney can help you recover the economic damages needed for your recovery. You may be eligible to receive compensation for short- and long-term medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering, among other things. However, determining which insurance company will cover these losses can be complicated. This is why it is critical for injured rideshare passengers to seek legal advice as soon as possible after an Uber accident.

Who Is Liable in an Uber Crash, and How Does Uber Insurance Work?

To determine who is liable in an Uber accident, you must ascertain the app’s status at the time of the crash. Only the driver’s personal insurance policy applies if the app was off. Uber’s insurance comes into play if the app was on and the driver was waiting for a ride request. In that scenario, Uber provides coverage of $50,000 in bodily injury per person, $100,000 in bodily injury per accident, and $25,000 to cover property damage per accident. Coverage goes up to $1,000,000 if the accident occurred while the driver was in the middle of a booking. That coverage also applies if the driver was en route to a passenger’s destination.

When is an Uber Driver at Fault?

In an Uber accident, like most vehicle accidents in Baltimore, the person whose actions led to the accident is at fault. For example, if the other car in your accident ran a red light or failed to come to a complete stop at a right-of-way or stop sign, they would be at fault for the accident. However, your driver – the Uber driver – can also be at fault for breaking common traffic laws that lead to an accident. As a passenger, it is wise to speak with a Baltimore Uber accident lawyer to learn about your legal options regardless of who was at fault.

Passengers Protections in an Uber Car Accident

Passengers have protections granted to them in the instance of an Uber car accident in Baltimore. Uber provides coverage with certain policy limitations and you may have options through your own insurance. It is best to speak with an experienced ridesharing accident attorney to learn about what insurance might apply in the instance of your accident.

Steps to Take Following an Uber, Lyft, or Rideshare Accident in Baltimore, Maryland

In this section, we focus on the things you need to do following your ridesharing accident. Whether it was an Uber or Lyft accident in Baltimore, following these steps closely to keep yourself safe while maximizing your chances of receiving an adequate payout is recommended.

Examine Yourself for Injuries: First, you need to check if you are hurt. Then, examine yourself carefully so you can tell if you need paramedics or not.

Call 911: Calling 911 would be a must if you were involved in an accident. Tell the dispatchers to send police officers and paramedics to the site of the accident if there are people badly hurt. You can still request police officers at the scene even if no one was seriously injured.

Request Information from the Rideshare Driver: Next, you need to get some vital information from the rideshare driver. Ask for their name, contact details, license number, and insurance information. You should also note important details about the vehicle, such as its plate number, make, and model.

Gather Evidence from the scene of car accident: You can now shift your attention to gathering evidence related to your accident. Collect whatever you can, including photos and videos of the accident site. Go ahead and interview witnesses as well, if there are any around.

Communicate with the Police Officers: Approach the police officers dispatched to the scene and tell them what happened. You should also ask for their names and contact details so you and your lawyer can get the police report from them later.

Go to the Hospital: Head to the hospital after you leave the accident site. Get a complete examination to see if you received injuries in any way.

Report the Accident to Your Insurer: You should also report the accident to your insurer. Share the details provided by the Uber driver but do not talk about what happened until you have spoken to your lawyer.

Consider Hiring a Lawyer Experienced in Uber Accidents: Suing a ridesharing company for compensation will not be easy. Hire an experienced Uber accident attorney in Baltimore to improve your chances of receiving compensation.

Experienced Baltimore Rideshare Accident Lawyer

At the Leppler Injury Law, we have the experience and understanding of the law surrounding Uber ridesharing to make a difference in your life. Get compensation for the injuries you sustained in a vehicle accident while using Uber. Contact us online or by phone at (443) 955-1989 for a same-day response to schedule your free consultation.