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Glen Burnie Car Accident Attorney

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Car accidents occur with alarming frequency in Glen Burnie, Maryland. Frustratingly, you can do everything right as a motorist driving in and around Glen Burnie, and an irresponsible driver can still drag you into a mess of their making. Emerging from that mess requires the assistance of the right people. Reach out to a Glen Burnie car accident lawyer and secure the legal assistance you need to receive fair compensation.

Drivers must be vigilant because these auto accidents can happen anywhere at any time. You may be rear-ended by another motorist on Shetlands Lane while you are driving to Southgate Elementary School to pick your kid up. The parking lot at Marley Station Mall could also become the setting for your T-bone accident if you have an encounter with a distracted or impatient driver. 

Those are only some of the challenging scenarios Glen Burnie motorists may find themselves in. If you are ever involved in a similar situation, do not forget to seek legal assistance. Hire a car accident attorney in Glen Burnie and hold the negligent party accountable for their actions.

Hundreds of Crashes in Glen Burnie Every Year

Auto accidents have become more common throughout the state of Maryland. However, Anne Arundel County residents are especially familiar with them.

According to the data provided by the Maryland Department of Transportation, there were 20,325 total crashes that took place in Baltimore County in 2021. Notably, that number is down from the five-year average dating back to 2017. Those statistics show how dangerous roads around Glen Burnie, Maryland, have become for motorists in recent years.

Furthermore, 78 people in total lost their lives in those 2021 Baltimore County car crashes. The total number of people who sustained injuries from those accidents reached 6,299, and 15,831 of those accidents also doubled as property damage crashes.

As a car accident lawyer in Glen Burnie, John Leppler recognizes that the collective impact of those accidents has been devastating. Too many lives have already been cut short because of irresponsible behavior. So many more have been altered permanently by those crashes as well.

Do not allow your ordeal to become nothing more than a cautionary tale. Take legal action against the party responsible for causing your accident and hold them accountable to Maryland law. Consult a Glen Burnie car accident attorney at Leppler Injury Law today and talk to John. Receive the guidance and expertise you need to navigate what could be the most challenging time of your life.

Why Are So Many Crashes Happening in Glen Burnie, Maryland?

Like in other parts of Maryland, car crashes are also rising in Glen Burnie. It is a disturbing trend but a sadly understandable one as well. If you look closer at the common causes of auto accidents in Glen Burnie, you will quickly understand why they have spiked.

Let’s take this opportunity to highlight the common causes of car crashes in Glen Burnie and the rest of Maryland. Hopefully, reading up on the contributing factors to crashes will help you stay safer.

Congested Roads and Extremely Busy Highways Like I-95, I-895, MD-295 and Others

As a Glen Burnie car accident lawyer, John Leppler knows that traffic is always a contributing factor to car accidents. With more cars on the road, more crashes are also bound to occur. Some roads in and around Glen Burnie host plenty of traffic daily, so it is not surprising to learn that they have become common accident sites.

Major highways surround both Glen Burnie and Linthicum. I-95, I-895, and MD-295 (Baltimore-Washington Parkway) are located to the west, while MD-10 (Arundel Expressway) is on the east side. I-695 (Baltimore Beltway) can be found north of Glen Burnie, and you still have MD-100 to the south. Let’s not forget about I-195, the highway that runs through I-95, I-895, and MD-295 that leads motorists to Baltimore/Washington International Airport.

You will almost always run into heavy traffic while driving in Glen Burnie and Anne Arundel County. Highway accidents become harder to avoid when you constantly find yourself surrounded by cars.

Drunk Driving

Drunk driving has become an epidemic despite the constant warnings about the dangers of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated. For some reason, those warnings about driving under the influence have not done enough to dissuade people from engaging in that dangerous act.

If you ever wonder if drunk driving is a good idea, consider the following statistics. According to the CDC, 32 people in the U.S. are killed daily in drunk driving accidents. Drunk driving accidents also make up 30%  of all traffic-related fatalities in the country.

The dangers of intoxicated driving are not exaggerated. It is a truly irresponsible and inexcusable form of behavior. Do not hesitate to take legal action if the driver who caused your accident was intoxicated at the time of the collision. Partner with a Glen Burnie car accident attorney and hold them responsible for what happened.

Impaired Driving

Alcohol intoxication is not the only impairment that makes motorists more susceptible to accidents. Aside from alcohol, impairments may also be caused by drugs and fatigue. You should also avoid the driver’s seat if you are experiencing the effects of those impairments.

Impaired driving influenced by fatigue is especially worth highlighting because not enough people realize how dangerous it is. Many assume that they can fend off the effects of drowsiness long enough to drive safely. They fail to realize that even momentary lapses behind the wheel can lead to potentially fatal accidents.

Aggressive Driving

Some motorists exhibit dangerous behavior on the road, even without the influence of drugs, alcohol, or drowsiness. Instead, their aggressive driving habits put their fellow motorists in danger. Aggressive driving manifests itself in the form of speeding and tailgating, but it is not always explicitly illegal. In some cases, drivers may also walk the thin line between legal and illegal driving to agitate someone else on the road.

Working closely with a Glen Burnie car accident lawyer is especially important if an aggressive driver is responsible for your accident. Because their actions that led to the accident may not have been explicitly illegal, your lawyer must establish that they were dangerous, nonetheless. Establishing the threat posed by the other driver’s action will be crucial to the success of your case.

Poor Driving Conditions

Lastly, we cannot disregard bad weather’s effects on your safety as a motorist. Glen Burnie gets above-average rainfall throughout the year. Take note of the weather before heading and keep yourself safe.

Check traffic reports during the rainy season to see if your usual route is flooded or congested. Consider rescheduling your prior commitment if visibility will be poor while you are on the road. If rescheduling is not an option, exercise more caution than normal and reduce your speed.

Car Accident Laws in the State of Maryland: What You Need to Know

Whether you can recoup compensation following your auto accident depends largely on Maryland’s existing laws. In this section of the article, as an experienced Glen Burnie car accident lawyer, John Leppler’s law firm wants to focus specifically on two Maryland laws that often prove relevant to many accident cases. Those laws pertain to texting while driving and contributory negligence.

Texting While Driving

Maryland has enacted a ban on texting while driving. According to Maryland Code TRANSPORTATION § 21-1124, no driver of a vehicle in motion is allowed to use a handheld telephone with their hands other than to start/end a call or activate/deactivate the device. Exceptions to the ban are only granted if you are contacting emergency services.

What happens if you violate Maryland’s ban on texting while driving? You get hit with an $83 fine the first time you violate the ban. The fine rises to $140 and $160 for second and third-time offenders, respectively. Note that you may face additional penalties if your decision to text while driving leads to an accident.

Contributory Negligence

Contributory negligence is another aspect of Maryland law that could significantly impact your case. Because Maryland follows the principle of contributory negligence, plaintiffs in a personal injury case may lose the right to recover damages if they share even 1% of the blame for an accident.

Defense lawyers know all about contributory negligence and will lean on it to protect their clients. Prevent them from succeeding by partnering with an expert Glen Burnie car accident lawyer.

Why You Should Not Wait to File Your Glen Burnie Car Accident Claim

Immediately filing a claim after your auto accident is a must. Working to get that claim in as soon as possible is critical for two reasons.

The first reason quickly filing that claim matters is because it displays a sense of urgency on your part. The opposing counsel cannot claim that you took your injuries and other losses lightly because you were working to secure compensation right away.

Filing a claim soon after your accident is also important due to the statute of limitations. Maryland gives plaintiffs three years to submit their claims. The countdown starts from the day of the accident. Three years may seem like a long time, but that can pass by in no time while you are recovering from injuries and trying to resume normal life.

Get your Glen Burnie car accident lawyer on the case immediately to avoid the issues detailed here.

How Do I Handle the Insurance Companies After an Accident?

Once it becomes evident that the other driver involved in your accident is responsible for the crash, it will not take long for their insurer to reach out. They will likely present you with a settlement offer during that initial conversation.

With your medical and repair bills piling up, you may be tempted to accept that settlement offer. That would be a mistake. The other driver’s insurer is unlikely to offer a fair offer at this early juncture.

Even having that conversation with the insurer is a risky proposition. You could end up saying something the opposing lawyer could hold against you as the case progresses.

Avoid entertaining those calls and offers from the insurer. Let your Glen Burnie car accident attorney handle them and avoid weakening your claim.

No-Fault and At-Fault Claims in Glen Burnie

You should know that Maryland is an at-fault state for auto accidents. Because of that, an accident victim can sue the negligent party for damages. Coordinate with your lawyer to file a strong injury claim.

Aside from filing an at-fault claim with the other driver’s insurer, you can also submit a no-fault claim with your insurance company. You can submit a personal injury protection (PIP) claim with your insurer to cover your medical bills and lost wages. The PIP claim must be paid out regardless of which party is deemed responsible for the accident. Maryland motorists are not required to have PIP insurance, but all insurers must offer it.

What if My Car Is Totaled? Can I Sue?

Suing is an option if your car sustained damage from an accident. The question is whether the other driver’s insurer can offer a large enough payout to cover your losses. If your car was totaled, the insurance payout may fall well short of providing fair compensation.

Taking out collision coverage ensures that you can repair or replace your vehicle no matter the extent of the damage it sustained or who caused the accident. You do not need to worry about covering your losses out of pocket even if your vehicle was totaled.

Glen Burnie, Maryland

Local businesses in Glen Burnie, MD, can offer valuable assistance in the wake of your car accident. They can address the injuries you sustained and the damage to your vehicle.

Visit MHC HealthCare if you need effective injury treatment. Let the doctors at MHC diagnose your injuries and administer the treatments that will deliver the best results.

Glen Burnie is also home to reputable auto repair shops. Take your vehicle to Wells Automotive or Maryland Auto Truck & Repair to learn more about the damage it has sustained. Once the initial is completed, the mechanics can restore your vehicle.

Glen Burnie Injury and Accident Lawyer

Glen Burnie car accident lawyer John Leppler is ready to help if you were recently involved in a car accident. Count on John to unearth evidence, handle negotiations with the insurer, and manage every aspect of your lawsuit. Unlike the mega-firms in Glen Burnie and Baltimore County, John always has time for his clients. Contact us at Leppler Injury Law today and secure John’s services for your case!

In addition to Glen Burnie, some of the locations our law firm serves include Baltimore, Towson, Lutherville-Timonium, Parkville, Owings Mills, Pikesville, and more.