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Owings Mills Car Accident Attorney

car accident lawyer in owings mills Car accidents are far from unusual occurrences in Owings Mills, Maryland. Therefore, knowing the contact details of a reputable Owings Mills car accident lawyer would be in your best interests to deal with any road mishap.

In the aftermath of an auto accident, you may find yourself in a vulnerable position. Compensation may prove elusive due to the tactics deployed by the responsible party and their representation. Partner with Leppler Injury Law and give yourself a fair shot at claiming the compensation that is rightfully yours.

Thousands of Car Crashes in Owings Mills Due to Driver Negligence

Driving in Owings Mills, Maryland, is a privilege, and you should always regard it as such. However, when you are behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, you are responsible for keeping yourself, your passengers, and your fellow motorists safe. There is no excuse for exhibiting negligent behavior in that situation. Exhibiting negligent behavior while driving is a particularly egregious breach of social trust because we already know how dangerous that is.

If you have been in a car crash due to another person’s negligence and require the legal services of an Owings Mills car accident lawyer, contact John Leppler today. In the meantime, let’s hone in on driver negligence in Owings Mills further by talking about the different examples of negligent driving and how devastating they have proven to be.

Distracted Driving in Owings Mills, Maryland

One of the first things you learn at driving school is to keep your eyes on the road at all times. Sadly, that is a lesson that many drivers forget. Unfortunately, when you forget a lesson, it often leads to accidents. According to Zero Deaths Maryland, 50,882 car accidents in the state in 2021 involved some form of distracted driving. As a result, 222 people died in those accidents, and the total number of injuries reached 21,134.

The potential consequences of distracted driving in Maryland can be dire. Never forget that when you are on the road.

Impaired Driving

Alcohol and drug consumption can severely impair our senses. Therefore, driving while affected by those impairments is a blatant example of negligence. In 2021, Maryland recorded 6,522 car accidents caused partly by drug or alcohol use. Furthermore, 173 people died as a result of those accidents. The total number of people injured due to those crashes ended up at 2,802.

Seek assistance from a car crash lawyer immediately if an intoxicated driver injured you or someone you know.


We cannot overstate the dangers of speeding. By rushing through traffic, you are putting yourself and everyone around you at risk of being involved in a disastrous crash. Speeding was the cause of 7,947 car crashes in Maryland in 2021. Those speeding accidents caused a total of 96 fatalities. They also contributed to 3,187 individuals sustaining injuries of some kind.

There is no place on the road for anyone who is speeding. Anyone who engages in that type of negligent behavior must be held accountable by a car crash attorney.

What Types of Auto Accidents Does John Leppler Handle?

Following your accident on I-795 or MD-940, you may be at a loss. You are injured, your car is badly damaged, and you may not know what to do next. Attorney John Leppler can lend his expertise if you need expert legal representation. Examples of some of the auto accident cases he handles are detailed below.

Rear-End Accidents – Rear-end collisions are pretty common car accidents. They are often due to aggressive driving. Tailgating and brake checking are specific examples of aggressive driving resulting in rear-end car crashes. Although rear-end crashes are often not as bad as other auto accidents, they can still lead to some serious injuries. For example, in a particularly violent rear-end crash, the car’s driver in front may end up with whiplash. You should always take these types of accidents seriously and expect nothing less if you hire John Leppler as your attorney.

Wrong-Way Accidents – Wrong-way collisions are often due to distracted, intoxicated, or exhausted drivers. If you cannot devote your undivided attention to the road, you can veer off-course and in the wrong lane. Unfortunately, when you realize that you have drifted far away from your lane, it may already be too late for you to do anything. The crash is inevitable at that point. Do not put yourself in that position. Instead, stay off the road if you are not in the right state of mind to prevent potential accidents.

Head-On Collisions – Many wrong-way accidents end up becoming head-on collisions. The car that has veered away from its intended lane smashes directly into a vehicle heading in the opposite direction, resulting in a nasty collision. Head-on collisions are notoriously deadly. That should not come as a surprise, given how vulnerable the drivers usually are when these accidents occur. Do not hesitate to approach an Owings Mills car accident lawyer if you or your loved one was recently involved in a head-on collision. Attorney John Leppler can take on that case and work to claim compensation on your behalf.

T-Bone Accidents – Similar to head-on collisions, T-bone car crashes also have a reputation for being deadly. It is not hard to understand why, given the nature of these accidents. Considering how vulnerable one party is to the full force of the impact, the chances of them sustaining life-threatening injuries are quite high. Many T-bone accidents occur at intersections. For example, a driver trying to beat the red light may crash into another vehicle moving across their route. Be careful while using intersections like the one at Owings Mills Boulevard and Crondall Lane to avoid getting involved in T-bone accidents.

Distracted Driver Accidents – Your smartphone, your food, and your passengers could become distractions while you are driving. Developing habits that will prevent those elements from distracting you is highly recommended. Learn to avoid your smartphone as much as possible while you are driving. Turn it off or put it in silent mode to limit its ability to distract you. Waking up a few minutes earlier to eat breakfast at home is also a good idea. You should also tell your passengers that you want to focus on the road so they can behave accordingly. Turn yourself into a safer and more responsible driver by developing those habits.

Fatal Car Accidents – Fatal car accidents are tragic occurrences that can overwhelm even the strongest individuals. In the aftermath, you can hire attorney John Leppler to take over the case. Take your time processing what happened, and rest assured that a highly capable legal professional will handle your case.

Uber and Lyft Accidents – The person who crashed into your vehicle may have been driving for Uber or Lyft. If that is the case, you will likely need to seek compensation from Uber or Lyft’s insurer. As you can imagine, securing compensation in that scenario can be quite challenging. You need an expert attorney by your side if you want a good chance of taking home a substantial payout in that scenario. Reach out to Attorney John Leppler so you can better manage that ordeal.

Attorney Holding Negligent Maryland Drivers Responsible

To hold a negligent driver responsible for the harm they caused, you must secure the services of an Owings Mills car accident attorney who knows the ins and outs of Maryland law. By partnering with a legal expert of that caliber, you can feel confident that your lawsuit will not become compromised in any way. This section of the article details examples of Maryland laws that could impact the outcome of your personal injury lawsuit.

The Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is the deadline set for filing personal injury lawsuits. In Maryland, the statute of limitations for car accident cases is three years from the date of the incident. Make sure you do not go past that deadline by hiring an auto accident lawyer who can get your case moving immediately.

Insurance Requirements

All Maryland drivers are required to carry auto insurance. They are also obligated to carry uninsured motorist coverage. If the driver who caused your accident has no insurance, you can still pursue compensation by filing an uninsured motorist claim with your insurer. However, your can help you secure that payout from your insurance provider faster.

At-Fault State Laws

Maryland is an at-fault state when it comes to car accidents. Because of that, car crash victims can pursue compensation directly from the party who caused their accident. Decide if pursuing compensation makes sense for your situation by consulting with your lawyer.

Important! Tactics That the Insurance Companies Will Use Against You

Paying out claims constantly is unhealthy for an insurer’s bottom line. That is why they deploy different tactics to avoid making those payouts as much as possible.

Reaching Out before You Can Speak to a Lawyer

Insurers understand that the perfect time to prey on a car accident victim is that window before they speak to a lawyer. If an insurer calls to “check in” on you, they are probably hoping that you will say something they can use to deny your claim. Counter that tactic by letting your lawyer answer all the insurer’s calls. Unfortunately, not long after you start doing that, the other party’s insurer will likely stop reaching out.

Offering a Quick Payout

Representatives for the other party’s insurer may also sell you on the idea of securing a payout as soon as possible. For example, if they know you are in the hospital currently, they may offer you a payout so you can take care of your medical bills. Do not accept any settlement offer until you speak to a lawyer. Odds are the other side is lowballing you, so do not bother responding to their offer.

Getting You to Accept Partial Blame

Lastly, the insurer’s lawyers may attempt to help their client by talking you into accepting partial blame for what happened. To do this, they may acknowledge that the other driver should bear the majority of the blame while noting that you played a small role in the accident.

If you accept their premise, you may miss out on compensation completely because Maryland follows the doctrine of contributory negligence. Even accepting 1% of the blame for the accident is enough to disqualify you from receiving compensation, so do not admit to anything.

Factors Which Affect Compensation in Car Crash Cases

How much compensation can you expect to receive in your car accident case? On average, car accident victims can expect to receive somewhere around $20,000 to $24,000 in compensation. Of course, several factors can affect the amount of compensation you ultimately receive.

Your Accident-Related Losses – First, your compensation will depend on the losses you sustained. These losses should include your medical expenses, the repair bills for your damaged property, and your lost wages. Let your car accident attorney in Owings Mills identify your losses related to the accident so you receive full compensation.

The Insurance Policies – Also among the key factors determining compensation amounts are the drivers’ insurance policies. If the driver who caused the accident has a sizable policy, you will likely receive adequate compensation for your losses. However, in a situation where the guilty driver has no insurance, the terms of your uninsured motorist policy will determine the limits of what you can receive.

Relevant Laws – Do not forget that there are also laws in place that can affect your compensation. For example, the contributory negligence rule that we discussed earlier is one of the laws that can impact your case.

Owings Mills, MD

Owings Mills, Maryland, is a well-known commercial center in Baltimore County. In addition, people from nearby cities routinely visit Owings Mills for shopping trips because the community houses many great shopping centers. This community is also home to many major businesses. Manufacturing heavyweight Black & Decker is in Owings Mills, and the Baltimore Ravens also operate out of the area. Numerous other companies call Owings Mills home and have helped bolster its job market.

Lastly, important cultural sites, including the Hubert V. Simmons Museum of Negro Leagues Baseball and the Homewood House Museum, are found in Owings Mills. Those are places well worth visiting for anyone interested in American history.

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Experienced Car Accident Lawyer in Owings Mills, Maryland

Attorney John Leppler’s commitment to making expert legal assistance available to everyone is unwavering. If you need a car accident attorney in Owings Mills, he is the person you need to call. Contact us at Leppler Injury Law today and allow John to handle your case moving forward.

Locations near Owings Mills which John Leppler serves include: Towson, Timonium, Pikesville, Baltimore, Parkville, Glen Burnie, and more.