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Pikesville Truck Accident Attorney

truck accident lawyer in pikesville maryland Getting in an accident with a semi-truck or 18 wheeler in Pikesville, MD, could likely be the most traumatic experience of your life. Not only that, but the injuries and trauma caused by that accident could also stick with you for a long time. Simply living a normal life in the wake of your truck accident can be an enormous challenge. But, here at our injury law firm, we want to do everything possible to help our clients achieve that goal.

In this article, you will learn more about the specific challenges truck accident victims face and how a Pikesville truck accident lawyer can make them more manageable. So stick around to learn valuable knowledge about handling a situation like that.

When, Where, and Why Are These Truck Crashes Happening in Pikesville, Maryland?

Knowledge is power when it comes to avoiding accidents in Baltimore County. Once you have a better idea of when, where, and why they occur, you can take the necessary steps to keep yourself as safe as possible.

When Truck Crashes Occur

Let’s start by addressing the question of when truck accidents occur. According to the National Safety Council, most fatal large truck accidents take place during the day. To be more specific, the NSC notes that 63.45% of the fatal large truck crashes that occurred in 2020 happened while the sun was still out.

It makes sense that fatal truck accidents are more common during the day because the roads are also busier during that time. If a truck driver loses control while going through Interstate 695 during the day, they are more likely to hit other motorists heading to or from work. Additional statistics from the NSC also note that October is when most fatal large truck accidents occur. Why was October such a terrible month for truck accidents? It likely has something to do with the harvest season.

Trucking companies are more likely to hire inexperienced drivers during the fall season to meet the increased demand prompted by the annual harvest. As a result, more accidents are inevitable, with more inexperienced drivers behind the wheel of large trucks.
Take note of all those important details as a Pikesville motorist so you can stay safer on the road.

Where Truck Crashes Occur

Next, let’s discuss where these truck accidents tend to take place. Going back to the statistics provided by the NSC, we find that most fatal large truck crashes occurred on non-interstate highways. Also, 73.29% of the fatal large truck accidents that happened in 2020 took place on non-interstate roads.

Exercising caution is a must not only when you use the major roads leading into and out of Pikesville; you should also use caution while traversing areas like Milford Mill Road, Slade Avenue, and Smith Avenue because they are still potential sites for tragic truck accidents. Interestingly, the statistics also show that fatal large truck accidents are more common in rural areas. Do not let your guard down simply because you are traveling through the countryside. If an accident does occur, remember to contact an 18 wheeler accident attorney immediately.

Why Truck Crashes Occur

Lastly, we must discuss why truck accidents are as common as they are. Detailed in this section are some of the common explanations for those accidents. Work closely with your Pikesville personal injury lawyer to determine the specific cause of the crash you were involved in.

  • Distracted Driving– Truck drivers who use their phones on the road are more likely to be involved in crashes.
  • Driver Fatigue – Truckers must be given ample rest time between shifts to ensure they are in proper physical condition. They are more likely to commit critical errors if they drive exhausted.
  • Reckless Driving – Drivers under strict deadlines may behave recklessly on the road. Accidents are more likely to happen because of that.
  • Poor Maintenance – Any vehicle used regularly requires diligent maintenance. Trucks require even more care because of the many components they use. As a result, they are more likely to be involved in accidents when they are maintained poorly.
  • Improper Loading of Cargo – Improperly loaded cargo can also be the main culprit behind a truck accident. One of the trucking company’s partners is responsible if improper cargo loading was indeed the cause of the accident.

How Are Truck Accidents and Car Accidents Different?

Car and truck accidents are tragic occurrences, but they differ in certain ways. Let’s take the time to discuss the distinct ways they differ from each other in this section of the article.

Damage Caused

First, car and truck accidents tend to differ in how much damage they cause. In most car accident cases, the damage is usually limited to the vehicles and the passengers directly involved in the crash. The damage to the vehicles and the injuries sustained may be severe, but motorists nearby are usually able to avoid getting caught up in the accident.

Truck accidents are way more damaging. If a truck jackknifes, it could take out rows of cars as it continues to move out of control. Surrounding establishments are also unsafe from a truck that has lost its brakes. As you can imagine, the potential loss of life is also greater, given how many vehicles and people could be involved in a truck accident.

Availability of More Evidence

Car and truck accidents also differ from each other in terms of available evidence. With car accidents, you have limited evidence at the accident site and what the Pikesville police department can tell you about the other driver’s condition. When gathering evidence for a truck accident case, you can seek more unique pieces of evidence from either the trucker or their employer.

Enlist the help of a trailer tractor accident attorney if you wish to collect all the pieces of evidence available in your case.

Liable Parties

We should also mention that truck and car accident cases differ based on the liable parties potentially involved. Things are fairly straightforward in a car accident case. You know that the person in the other car caused the accident, so suing them is the right move. In truck accidents, the liable parties could include the driver, their employer, the trucking company’s partner, and even a parts manufacturer. You must partner with a personal injury lawyer to ensure that you pursue compensation against the right party.

Fighting for Your Rights in Pikesville Truck Accident Cases

Securing compensation in a truck accident can be challenging because it is not easy to tell which party is responsible for what happened. As we noted in the previous section, multiple parties can be liable for a truck accident, and they include everyone from the driver to the manufacturer of a defective component.

Working closely with your Pikesville truck accident lawyer is crucial because you must identify the guilty party. You also need to do that quickly because the statute of limitations for truck accident cases in Maryland is only three years. Ask your lawyer to investigate the accident so they can better understand why it happened in the first place. Then, after you discover the cause of the accident, you can start taking legal action.

File a lawsuit against the guilty party and demand proper compensation for the losses you sustained. During this time, the liable party may ask to negotiate the matter out of court. Your lawyer can handle those negotiations, and you can be confident they will fight for fair compensation.

Even if the negotiations are unproductive, you do not need to worry about missing out on compensation. The option of taking the matter to court remains. With the facts on your side, you and your truck accident attorney in Pikesville can secure the compensation you deserve.

Calculating a Truck Wreck Settlement in Pikesville, Maryland

The settlement in your truck accident case should cover all your losses related to the crash. What specific losses can you and your truck wreck attorney pursue? Let’s go over them in this section of the article.

Economic Damages – Any settlement in a truck accident case should cover the economic damages that the plaintiff sustained. For those who may be unaware, economic damages refer to the tangible losses that a person has suffered. Included in the economic damages are your medical expenses and the bills for repairing your car and damaged possessions. In addition, if you had to take time away from work because of your injuries, the settlement should also cover your missed wages.

Tally all the economic damages you sustained and ensure the lawyer covers them in your settlement.

Non-Economic Damages – The compensation you receive following your truck accident may also include non-economic damages. Non-economic damages compensate plaintiffs for the intangible losses they suffered from the accident. Many victims of truck accidents end up traumatized by the whole ordeal. They experience pain and suffering in the wake of the accident, and it may take a long time for them to fully get over what happened.

A defendant may be ordered to pay non-economic damages to compensate the plaintiff for their pain and suffering.

Crucial Evidence You Will Need for Your Truck Crash Claim

Earlier in this article, we mentioned that truck accidents differ from car accidents in terms of the available evidence. More specifically, evidence is typically more abundant in truck accident cases. Aside from the usual crash site data and witness statements, you can also collect valuable pieces of evidence from the trucker or their employer.

Go to the trucker and request their time logs. Examine their logs to determine if they were working a legal schedule. If they were not, their employer would have some explaining to do. You and your Pikesville truck accident attorney should also retrieve the data from the truck’s black box. The black box data can give valuable insight into how the driver controlled the truck before the crash. In addition, the data it provides should indicate if the crash was partly due to reckless driving.

Together with your lawyer, you should also request maintenance records for the truck. For example, was the truck regularly maintained, or has it been months since someone last inspected it? Negligent maintenance could have contributed to the accident, and someone has to answer for that. Do not forget to request shipper documents as well. These documents should tell you if one of the trucking company’s partners loaded the truck improperly. You will need to include them in your lawsuit if the evidence suggests that they made some critical mistakes.

Attorneys Serving Pikesville, MD

Pikesville, Maryland, is a suburban town located northwest of Baltimore City. Pikesville has maintained a distinct historical and cultural identity despite being a small town. Residents have done their part to preserve the town’s roots, and the arts scene there is thriving. It is the kind of place you will enjoy if you like to indulge your artistic sensibilities.

Truck accident victims may require physical therapy in Pikesville. Below are a few recommended establishments offering these types of services

Kassimir Physical Therapy – Commercentre East, 1777 Reisterstown Road, Suite #130, Pikesville, Maryland 21208.
Advanced Physical Therapy – 4000 Old Court Rd Ste 100 | Pikesville, MD 21208
Fidel Integrated – 1866F Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

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