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Winning Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

Have you been in an accident with a truck in the Baltimore area? Truck drivers and the trucking industry are held to higher standards than average motorists and must comply with federal and Maryland state trucking laws. These higher standards might make winning your truck accident lawsuit may be easier than you think.

Truck drivers and trucking companies typically have extensive insurance coverage, which can exceed $1 million dollars. Given the weight of a commercial truck, the property damage to your car, and the medical bills for your own injuries can be disastrous.

What Is the Value of Your Truck Accident Case?

If you were in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, several factors come into play when determining how much your case is worth. Baltimore truck accident lawyer John Leppler lists the following factors:

  • the types of physical injuries you suffered
  • the dollar amount of medical bills you incurred
  • the loss of work time you face as a result of the accident
  • whether there were any fatalities in the accident
  • the truck driver’s and trucking company’s insurance coverage limits
  • how the accident affected your home life and daily activities

People want a specific figure for how much their case is worth. There are numerous “personal injury calculators” on the internet that use multipliers to determine the value of your case (e.g. your case is worth three times your incurred medical expenses). However, the calculators are not at all accurate.  Each case is unique, and the value of one case will always differ from that of another.

Baltimore Truck Wreck Lawyer

Allow Baltimore Baltimore personal injury lawyer John J. Leppler to assist you in determining the value of your case and fight for the compensation you deserve.  For a free consultation and case review, contact John at (443) 955-1989.

John has plenty of experience when it comes to handling these cases as well as truck accident cases, and he is ready to help you out.