What Are My Rights in a No-Contact Car Accident?

All car accidents can be troublesome experiences. Somehow, a no-contact car accident can be even worse than a typical vehicular collision if you are the accident victim.

If you ever find yourself in that situation, remember that you still have your rights. Discover how you can best deal with that kind of road crash by continuing with the rest of this story.

What Is a No-Contact Car Accident?

A no-contact car accident also referred to as a single-vehicle accident, is a collision that takes place due to another driver moving irresponsibly or even maliciously while they are on the road causing you to crash.

The Other Driver Forces You Off Your Current Path

Instinctively, you may try to swerve your car away when another vehicle unexpectedly enters your lane. To follow are some frequent causes of single-vehicle accidents...

The Other Driver Merges into Your Lane without Signaling

the driver who swerved after hitting another vehicle, caused you to swerve as a reaction,; and unfortunately, you crashed. The reckless driver is still to blame.

The Other Driver Did Not Yield the Right of Way

Remember that the highway motorist has the right of way, which means that if an accident occurs, the merging driver will be at fault.