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Car Accident Baltimore

What To Expect At Your Maryland Car Accident Trial

So, your car accident case could not be settled before a trial, and you will be presenting your case to a judge. Trial proceedings tend to follow a predictable pattern, and you will need an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer to help you in the courtroom. What you can expect at the trial is outlined in this blog post.

Opening Statement

Your and the defendant’s attorney will each make an opening statement to the judge. The opening statements are not evidence, but rather a synopsis of what the evidence submitted by you and the other driver is expected to show. The judge will then direct you and your lawyer to call your first witness in your case.

Medical Records as Evidence

Your medical records and bills will be admitted into evidence before your lawyer calls any witnesses in your case. In Maryland, if you are claiming up to $30,000 in compensation, your lawyer can admit your medical records and bills into evidence at trial without the need for a doctor to testify on your behalf. Your lawyer must admit your medical records and bills into evidence in your case, or you will have no medical records and bills to be considered when the judge awards you compensation.

Witnesses Will Be Called to Testify

Your lawyer will then call witnesses to testify under oath.  Witnesses may include:

  • you
  • any eyewitnesses who witnessed the accident
  • the defendant as an adverse or hostile witness
  • your friends or family members who will testify about how the accident and injuries have affected your life
  • your treating doctors who will discuss your medical examinations and their findings of your injuries

Documents as Evidence

In addition, through the testimony of witnesses, your lawyer will admit documents into evidence that support your claim, which may include: photographs of property damage to the motor vehicles involved in the accident, property damage invoice paperwork, lost wage documents, photographs of your injuries, disability slips from your doctor to get out of work, images or photographs of the scene of the accident, and images or photographs of the scene of the accident.

Defendant’s Attorney will Present His Case

After your lawyer has presented your case, the defendant’s lawyer will have the opportunity to present his or her case. This will entail your lawyer cross-examining the defendant and any other witnesses the defendant calls in his or her defense. You can expect your lawyer to object as well in order to prevent the defendant’s documents from being admitted into evidence.

Closing Arguments

Following the presentation of each side’s case by your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer, your lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer will make closing arguments. Closing arguments, like opening statements, are not evidence but allow both sides to summarize what the evidence showed and ask the judge to decide what they want the judge to decide. Naturally, your lawyer will request that the judge rule in your favor and award you a specific monetary amount.

The Judge Will Rule on the Case

The judge will usually take a break of up to an hour to decide which side will win. If you win, the judge will rule in your favor and award you monetary damages, and the defendant will be ordered to pay the damages within a certain time frame.

Schedule a Free Consultation To Discuss Your Car Accident

Although this is a summary of how the trial will proceed, you will need an experienced Baltimore personal injury lawyer.  John Leppler has represented numerous clients in Maryland district and circuit courts. Let the Law Office of John J. Leppler represent you in your accident claim and fight for the compensation you deserve. Call us at (443) 955-1989  for a free consultation and case review.