Pedestrian Hit By Car: What You Should Do Next

Most people forget that walking can be dangerous because a pedestrian accident can happen at any time. Thus, you must always be alert on the streets.

Make sure you follow the road and traffic signs, crossing paths that you are only legally allowed to traverse. Avoid jaywalking, so you do not get into an accident.

Steps to Take When Hit by a Vehicle

If you have been hit by a vehicle and become unconscious, calling for emergency medical services falls on the driver or other witnesses.

Call For Medical Help Right Away

Document All Your Injuries

– What body parts feel pain? – Do you see any visual injuries with lacerations, abrasions, open wounds, etc? – Are there any areas with torn clothes?

Speak with The Police

Your insurance company and physical injury lawyer will require a police report of the accident.

Do Not Discuss Fault

Bear in mind, they can use anything you say on the scene or to an insurance adjuster against you if you sue or face any legal proceedings after the accident.