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Car Accident Baltimore

Independent Medical Examination for Car Accident Claim

Independent medical examinations (IME) are common when litigating a car accident claim in Towson, Maryland. The other driver’s insurance company may insist you get an IME which means you see a doctor that is not of your choosing for one medical examination.

The opposing insurance company pays the doctor to examine you and review your medical records hoping to reach one or both conclusions:

  1. your injuries were not caused by the accident; and
  2. your medical treatment for your injuries is not reasonable and medically necessary (e.g. your 20 visits to physical therapy for your injuries were not reasonable and medically necessary, and you did not need these 20 physical therapy visits for your injuries).

Don’t be alarmed if you’re called in for an IME. Here’s what happens in a nutshell:

  • You go to the doctor’s office by yourself for the examination. The opposing insurance company pays for the visit.
  • The doctor will most likely keep you in his office for 10-15 minutes and will not ask you many questions other than pleasantries
  • The doctor will write a medical report, known as an IME report, that will be used to undermine your claim

IME Report Might Be Biased

There are numerous ways to discredit the doctor’s IME report by questioning the doctor at trial or during a deposition, such as: –

  • What medical specialty does the doctor practice in?
  • How much does the doctor charge for a review of medical records or an IME?
  • How much did the insurance company pay the doctor to perform an IME on you and review your records?
  • How many times has the doctor been specifically paid to conduct an IME or review medical records for the insurance company or the other driver’s attorney?
  •  Did the doctor consult with any of your actual treating physicians?
  • How long did the doctor see you for the IME at his office?
  • How much does the doctor earn per month or year performing IMEs for insurance companies?
  • Has the doctor ever spoken to you before, or was the IME the first time the doctor spoke to you?
  • Can the doctor agree that the medical injuries you’ve been experiencing were caused by a car accident?

Insurance companies hire and pay IME doctors to testify against you and harm your claim. IME doctors are not YOUR treating physicians, and they work for the insurance companies, not you.

Schedule for a Free Examination to Discuss Your Car Accident Claim

Cross-examination and questioning of the IME doctor is complex and requires an experienced personal injury attorney to effectively obliterate the doctor’s testimony.  If you have been in a car accident in the Baltimore area,  let the Office of John J. Leppler fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call John at (443) 955-1989 any time of day or night for a free consultation and case review.