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Children as Pedestrians

Baltimore streets are always bustling with activity. Children can be vulnerable while traversing those busy streets.

You cannot downplay how dangerous Baltimore’s roads can be for children. According to Zero Deaths Maryland, Baltimore City accounted for 31%  of pedestrian-involved crashes in Maryland from 2017 to 2021. Focusing on 2021 alone, 91%  of pedestrian-involved crashes in the state that year led to either injury or death.

Keep your children safe while they are crossing Baltimore streets by using the information in this article.

How Do These Accidents Typically Occur?

To protect your children from pedestrian-involved crashes, you must first understand the common causes of those accidents. That way, you can identify the serious threats to their safety. The common causes of pedestrian-involved crashes are detailed below.

Poor Decisions Made by Negligent Drivers

Some drivers do not take their responsibility seriously. They may get into the driver’s seat even though they are intoxicated, thinking they can still handle their vehicle fine. Others may think that texting while driving is perfectly reasonable. You also have those drivers who ignore right-of-way laws and stoplights to reach their destinations faster.

All those drivers exhibit negligent behavior. They also pose serious threats to your children. These drivers are the most troubling causes of pedestrian-involved accidents by far. That is because pedestrians do not have a way to protect themselves from the actions of negligent drivers. Hopefully, your child never has a brush with one of those drivers during their walk to school.

Drivers Backing Out of Parking Spots

The parking lot can be dangerous for children, especially at the end of a school day. Parents picking their kids up from school and backing out of parking spots may not always have good views of their surroundings. An unfortunate accident could occur if your child stands in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Bad Weather Conditions

It is important to remember that the effects of bad weather are not limited to motorists. Poor weather conditions can also affect pedestrians. Your child may have difficulty seeing the cars on the road due to the pouring rain. They may cross the street unaware that a vehicle is fast approaching. It is not difficult to imagine how poorly things can go from there.

Tips for Parents to Help Their Kids Avoid Pedestrian Accidents

Now that we better understand how children get involved in pedestrian accidents, we can discuss the different ways to prevent them. Check out the accident prevention tips below and use them to keep your child safe.

Teach Your Children the Basics of Pedestrian Safety

The most helpful thing you can do for your child before allowing them to walk Baltimore streets alone involves teaching them the basics of pedestrian safety. Take a walk with your child and show them where to cross the road. Urge them to use crosswalks, footbridges, and underpasses if they are available. Remind them to look for traffic officers if those passageways are unavailable.

Do not forget to tell your child to look both ways before crossing the street. You should also teach your kid to be decisive when crossing so drivers do not make mistakes around them.

Encourage Your Children to Avoid Distractions while Crossing Streets

Motorists do not always cause pedestrian-involved crashes. In some cases, the negligent actions of the pedestrian could be the cause of the accident. For instance, your child may have been using their phone while crossing the street. Because of that, they failed to notice the car that was only inches away from the crosswalk. With no time to stop, the driver could not avoid hitting your child.

You will have difficulty making the case that your child was not to blame for that crash. Prevent that nightmarish scenario by reminding your child to minimize distractions while walking around town.

Tell Your Child to Make Eye Contact with Drivers Before Crossing

Lastly, you should teach your child the importance of eye contact with drivers. You can communicate your intentions to cross the road by simply making eye contact with the driver of the vehicle nearby. After that brief visual exchange, the driver will know what to do, and they will let you pass.

This seemingly small action could be the reason your child avoided an accident.

Baltimore Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Baltimore pedestrian accident lawyer John Leppler is never too busy to meet with individuals who need his services. If your child was recently involved in a pedestrian crash, you can count on John to fight for their rights. He will use his years of experience and legal acumen to secure the most favorable outcome for your child.

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