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Injured in a Maryland State Highway Accident? Why You Should Retain a Lawyer

Video Transcript

What should you do if you suffer injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident you were involved in on a Maryland State Highway? Well the first thing you should do is immediately retain an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you against the at-fault driver. Insurance companies know that motor vehicle accidents that happen on a Maryland State Highway are usually hotly contested. A lot of times it involves the at-fault driver speeding, maybe traveling under the influence of alcohol, maybe fiddling with their cell phone, or maybe maybe making an unsafe lane change, or potentially merging too fast on an exit or entrance ramp on or off of the highway. However, insurance companies will usually say that the person bringing the claim is somehow partially at fault whether or not that may be the case. That's why it's critical that you immediately retain an experienced personal injury lawyer who will gather the police report, communicate with necessary eyewitnesses, gather your medical records and bills, and obtain the necessary photographs to prove your personal injury claim in court if necessary; or at least to the at-fault driver's insurance company to try to prompt a fair and reasonable settlement for you. If you have any questions regarding how an injured victim can bring a personal injury claim as a result of a motor vehicle accident in the state of Maryland, feel free to call me. I do this every single day and I'd love to to answer any questions you may have. Thank you.