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Personal Injury Legal Advice – Free Consultation

Video Transcript

How much will a personal injury lawyer charge for the initial consultation with the injured victim in a potentially serious injury motor vehicle accident claim? The answer is nothing. Like myself, nearly every single personal injury lawyer in the state of Maryland provides potential clients with a free consultation. This consultation encompasses and gives the injured victim time to ask questions about the process, the retainer agreement, and as well different things that the injured victim may be able to recover because of the personal injury claim. And again there's usually no time restriction on this initial consultation that is free. It gives the opportunity for the injured victim and the lawyer to build rapport. And it also more importantly, it gives the injured victim an opportunity to understand the personal injury claim process. If you have any questions regarding how an injured victim who wants to bring a serious injury motor vehicle accident personal injury claim in the state of Maryland, feel free to call me. I do this every single day and I'd love to answer any questions that you may have.