What Happens if a Pedestrian Caused an Accident?

When you’re on the road, you have to be wary of not just the other motorists around you. You must also be mindful of the people on the street because they can cause a pedestrian accident.

The pedestrian's careless actions were the root cause of your accident. They must be held accountable. Find out how you can take legal action against them by continuing with the rest of this story.

How Do Pedestrians Cause Car Accidents?

Jaywalking occurs when pedestrians cross the street without using the available crosswalk. Things get dangerous when pedestrians are reckless about their jaywalking.

Engaging in Jaywalking

Walking while Intoxicated

If you accidentally hit a pedestrian because they were drunk and walked in front of your vehicle, that could be a valid defense on your part.

Walking while Distracted

A pedestrian using their smartphone while crossing the street may move at the wrong time. Because of their unexpected movement, you may hit them accidentally.

Ignoring the Traffic Signals

Slow traffic signals may explain why people willingly ignore the rules. From their perspective, they would rather break the law than be delayed.