The Most Common Motorcycle Accident Causes

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous and irresponsible things any person can do. That holds true whether you are driving a car or riding a motorcycle.

Alcohol Impairment

There is nothing wrong with putting some pedals to the metal but do not push things too far.

Speeding on Your Motorcycle

Make a habit of checking your motorcycle ahead of every ride. Check the engine, the wheels, and the brakes to see if they are all in working order.

Issues with the Motorcycle

In this position, the motorcycle rider will attempt to pass the vehicles on their sides. They are essentially using the lines dividing the lanes as their own lane.

Lane Splitting

You should account for a few things before you start riding with a passenger or cargo in tow. Failing to do so could lead to you being in an accident.

Carrying Passengers or Cargo